FIRST Pittsburgh Regional 2007

Guys i am from team 1708 located in McKeesport, Pa and i wanted to thank all the teams that attended. Any comments about the regional can be listed on this thread. Just say ur team name, number, and if u liked it or if things needed to be changed.:ahh:

The only problem I saw in Pittsburgh was the floor condition, it was horrible with trip hazards everywhere. One of our mentors took a header after tripping on one seam, not good. If we are going to preach safety to the teams, I suggest the organizers give us a safe environment… Other than that, the regional was an absolute blast! Congrats to all the teams there for making it a success!

TEAM 123 Mentor here, Yes I aggree regarding the floors, they were terrible. I helped one student pick up a tall tool box at the end while leaving, after watching him get caught on a seam and topple over. And the robots took a worse beating from the bouncing up and down in the uneven seams while transporting them to and from the feild than they did during play.

All that said, the PITT experience was GREAT. Great teams we met and played with. I would like to see a team gathering of some sort on Friday night to mingle. The teams we met were very cordial and we had a nice time, we will drive back for the next PITTSBURGH REGIONAL. Gotta defend our title…LOL.

See you in Atlanta for the Nat’s this season only because of the win in Pittsburgh…

PS: Rockport publishing sent us an email yesterday, Look for our submission in the “FIRST Robots, Behind the Design” book from last years entries - 2006 “Aim high game” :slight_smile:

Coach Joe

Yes that is also one of the problems i encountered and i will make sure to address that issue with the Pittsburgh advisors. Thanks for the input because we can always make it better. The robots did take a beating but ours held up real well.