FIRST - Please Change Webcast Camera Placement for Climbs!

I was originally going to go for a silent “protest” by simply doing my part in making sure our local webcasts are done using what I think is a much more interesting and informative camera angle/placement than the webcast units’ instructed one, but watching the webcasts this weekend and the Texas DCMP specifically just killed my patience (maybe its the fact that the event is taking place in the same location as the upcoming CMP itself).

It doesn’t have to be the same ones we were using in Israel (though I personally think it’s the best possible one that adds the most on top of the full field view and gives an interesting closeup view of the robots and their climbing mechanisms), but when the main camera is as low to the ground and close to the field as the ones in Texas are (which I’m fearful will be the case with the CMP as well given its the same venue), those slightly angled field side cameras add zero value to the watcher and make it impossible to pickup the details and sometimes even figure out which rung each robot is on at the end of the match with the small area dedicated for these views on screen…

I know it’s a little late in the season and there aren’t many competitions left but I was hoping this realization hits on its own at some point and sort of lost hope it would happen without this post. It basically takes zero effort and added equipment to make the change and watcher experience would improve tremendously by doing it. so, pretty P-L-E-A-S-E change it!


The placement in Ontario events is even better IMO:


You folks have static camera angles?


The AV company at the St. Louis Regional had 2 cameras opposite the hangers and I really liked the clear view they provided over the “standard” hanger view.


While we’re at it, I’d appreciate team/score overlays on the full-field views.

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