FIRST Poem - 772

One of our students made this for their English Class. Hope You enjoy it!

It’s a long day ahead,
And you slept maybe two hours.
You crawled out of bed
And then hit the showers.

The car ride is quiet,
No one talks or eats.
But the stadium is a riot,
Everyone moving their feet.

Up to the stands you go,
The team’s spirit stuff ready.
You’re with people you don’t know,
But you stand united and steady.

Says announcer to crowd.
Yells the team back out loud.

The match is then started,
Your robot drives past.
You’re watching whole-hearted,
Taking everything in so fast.

You might not have won,
The match being your worst,
But gracious professionalism and fun,
Is what matters most in FIRST.

© Natalie Masse 2013