FIRST Poetry

Alright all… I need some major help!

I am a television major at Columbia College and an alumni of WildStang Team 111.

I have just been given an assignment on making a poem visual. I would lik eto do this on FIRST. The catch is I cannot use any of my own poetry… so… I was hoping you all of the CD community can help me out, I need a poem that is around 45 seconds when read aloud.

By submitting a poem you give me permission to use it for this project. If I chose your poem I will send you a copy of the finished short on a DVD. I will also include your name and team number in the credits!

The poem can be about anything FIRST related!

I need it by next Tuesday.

Thank you all for helping me out! I appreciate it!


Can you explain how you are going to make the poem ‘visual’? What does that mean?

I am going to record a reading of the poem and place stock footage (from FIRST competitions dating back to 2003) over them to give it “visual” qualities instead of just an audio track.

Can you use any of the parodies that are in the other thread?

How rhymey does it have to be?

I’ve seen some good poem-like stuff throughout the caption contests as well.

It doesn’t have to rhyme… most of my poems never rhyme. I cannot use anything based on a song becuase that could lead to copyright infringment and I just do not want to lose points becuase of it. I was looking through Caption Contests and am finding short poems, nothing long though. I am going to continue looking through those… thanks!

What if you suggest a poem that people can contribute to.
Sort of like one of the games, 3 Worded Story. If it can not be any of your work (title, first two lines) someone could begin it for you.

You could state the purpose of the poem and how it would be used, asking each participant to stay on the topic. :slight_smile: Participants could submit 2 lines or whatever you think appropriate - free form, etc. A deadline could be established, like, tomorrow.

From there someone could edit into final form and present it to you - done.

Just a thought.

It has to be by a single author… that is why I am having trouble looking through the captions, old posts, etc. The deadline for me to have it picked is Weddnesday at around 5am. So if people could post by around 9:00 Tuesday that would be fine. I may be able to pull off two authors but no more than that. It is my teacher’s little way of making something that could be easy really hard.
I tired using the skeleton poem we made in my Composition class and she denied it. If people want to post lines that may inspire someone to write something, I will write an example during my lunch period today and post it.