FIRST Positions Posted

I was cruising the FIRST website and saw more than a few positions posted within the last few days.

The most interesting position posted, IMO, Mentor/Coach Program Services Coordinator. Looking at the description it seems to be a position that will really help to develop some resources and relationships with coaches and mentors across all of the programs. Looks like an awesome opportunity for FIRST and our community!


I hope the Mentor/Coach Program Services Coordinator position is filled by an experienced FIRST mentor willing to move to a higher level of involvement. Besides helping recruit new mentors, this individual might be in a position to help FIRST HQ make choices that don’t adversely impact mentors. Last year, FIRST rolled out a few things that added to the burden and stress of mentors. A voice within FIRST HQ who knows what mentors deal with (especially late in build season) might have convinced the “power-that-be” to do things a bit differently.

I also noted the KOP and FRC Software Engineer openings. I hope these are an augmentation rather than replacement for current staff. Those positions are very challenging and are critical to the new season’s success. The Field Management System (FMS) has had development issues, but has matured since it’s major overhaul in 2009. Unless FIRST plans yet another revamp of field communications, the knowledge of the current staff is critical to improving the performance and reliability of FMS.

The pairing of these two immediately makes me wonder if Kate and Matt are moving on…

Yeah, that was my thought/fear as well.

The more experienced mentors who end up working for FIRST, the better off we all will be.

I think Kate might be getting an assistant instead.

At least I hope.

I played “put stuff in boxes” with her exactly once. All I’ll say is that she certainly deserves one by now.

Still waiting for the “GDC Member” position to open up. Got my resume all set for that one. :smiley:

This made me laugh really hard!
I bet you’d have a record no. of applicants and one from every team.:slight_smile:

And so that is the case …:slight_smile:

“And in case you missed it, we’re looking for a Software Engineer and a Kit of Parts Engineer to work with Kate and Matt.” - Bill’s Blog

If only they were looking for people to start in December.