FIRST Power Up Arcade Machine

Good morning FRC Teams, last night I was doing more scouting, teaser analysis, and water game(jk) speculations. I’ve accidently stumbled upon a very possible answer to the meaning behind the ‘Side of the Arcade Machine’ in the teaser. The one with the five past games (shown with the picture attached below). I am going to reveal it to the other captains, mentor and FIRST(easter egg report…maybe I’ll get a reward?). Then, I will ask my mentor to reveal it on Chief Delphi.

You left me in suspense… :’(

Just post your idea, no real need to wait for others’ approval.

I agree

Before I put everyone down, I want to warn everyone that this easter egg (at least to what I believe) is just a ‘fun fact’ rather than ‘something that reveals an aspect of the game.’

On the website we found a bunch of ‘easter eggs’ from last year’s (Steamworks) teaser.

For example:

A pressure gauge was founded
-“Est. 1989,” is an Easter Egg referring to the year FIRST was found.
-The pointer points at 38 Single Atm, refers to Dean Kamen’s current age(for 2017); 38 years old, ever since he founded FIRST.

So this Easter Egg is similar…it serves no practical purpose.

Games from Top to Bottom:
FIRST Stronghold (2016)
Triple Play (2005)
FIRST Steamworks (2017)
Logomotion (2011)
Rack N’ Roll (2007)

Game Piece Shown:




Yeah…just a video game START up screen…if anyone else have any other ideas, please share, because I am disappointed.

It also unscrambled to spell “TARTS”. And “STRAT”. I’m looking forward to next year’s game - PIE PALOOZA, in which teams have to come up with the best “strat” to bake “tarts”.

2016 -> 2005 = -11
2005 -> 2017 = 12
2017 -> 2011 = -6
2011 -> 2007 = -4

-11 + 12 - 6 - 4 = -9

Recycle rush was 3 years ago.
-9 / -3 = 3

FIRST Power Up is Half Life 3 confirmed.

The release video will say that matches “START with an autonomous period.” You heard it here first.

I was taking it to mean that the game will be a mash up of 5 retro video games.

So far Donkey Kong, Pac-Man/Ms Pac-Man, and Galaga seem like givens.
After that it seems like pick two of Asteroids, Space Invaders, Centipede, Defender, Missile Command, Q-Bert, Gauntlet, Tron, Tempest, or Qix. I am guessing not Rampage or Dig-Dug though as the field reset crews would revolt.

FIRST Power Up will be the launch vehicle for “Pixels 2”. Adam Sandler is on the GDC.

Not Breakout? I totally see trying to knock down a wall.

We can only pray the Yellowstone super volcano erupts before this horrible plague is unleashed upon the land.

You have to search for clues beyond the teaser. Early this year AndyMark had a sale and the comment was made that you will need plenty of pool noodles. That was a hidden clue. That tells me this year that we will be shooting pool noddles at some sort of moving targets maybe above the player stations. Enjoy


“You will need pool noodles to construct robot bumpers for the 2018 game. Among other things, this enhances the buoyancy of your robot.” Bouyancy is a factor… Ships that cross the sea? #watergameconfirmed


We will need to make full roll cages on our robots to protect the robot when tumbling down the stairs.

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Whoa, Pixels was an amazingly funny movie.
P.S. Notice I did not say anything about the plot line.

Frank also said this: