FIRST Programming on Macs

Does anyone have any clues as to how I would go about programming the robot on a mac WITHOUT having to run Virtual PC… evil windows… Me and windows computers dont get a long… and i would just like to be able to use my sweet Powerbook G4… one of the new ones… and program the FRC Robot with it… If i need to write a program then so be it… but problem is i dont know where to start… let alone how to do it… so any input would be AWESOME!! Mr. Watson… i know u remember me… PLEASE HELPPPPP!!

Team 589

Hey Bryce,

Unfortunately, Microchip has only released x86 binaries for the compiler. As far as I know, all of the tools Linux guys use can be built on OS X, with the exception of the complier (because that depends on WINE). Everything does however work flawlessly under Virtual PC. If you don’t want to use that, there are three options that I can see, in decreasing order of likelihood:

  • Wait for Intel Macs to come out (probably January)
  • Wait for Microchip to build their compiler for PowerPC
  • Wait for someone else to write an open-source mcc18-compatible compiler

If anyone knows about anything else, do share :slight_smile:

There’s also a slight problem of a serial port being necessary. Even with all the help from other about Wine, Eclipse, etc., a serial port of some kind is still needed.

Or just a USB to serial converter cable. A guy on my team who’s more or less in love with his iBook codes under VirtualPC and uses a USB-serial cable to download to the 'bot.

Ok… well i think i know what i have to do. I have to resort to Windows. Even though it is just emulated. :frowning: Oh well, but i had put some thought to the USB to Serial Converter, and that is something that i was gonna have to get anyways. SOO. Im just gonna go with Virtual PC :ahh: , HOPE everything installs right, and then try to get everything to go as planned. You know lovely Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong will, so im expecting some issues because me and Windows have not gotten along since i made the switch last Spring. Thanks for the input and if anyone has any other ideas, Im totally open to not having to deal with Windows… so ya… GOOOO MACS!!! lol :smiley:

Do you know what make the converter is? I bought one from Keyspan and it’s giving me problems. I was able to get the one in the Vex kit to work for me, but it’s needed elsewhere and I’d like one of my own.

-Michael DiRamio
Team 1503

Not going to be a pretty solution, but what about an Intel emulator for Mac (Virtual PC type; qemu/bochs)?

The commercial software will get you decent speed, but just a heads up qemu/bochs will be beyond slow. With some extra scripting you can probably get auto build working through a networked FS (SMBfs most likely).