FIRST promo videos throughout the years

Can anybody provide links to past FIRST promo videos? I’m trying to collect a bunch of them for my team, and the new members. Also, to make this fun, say which promo video you like the most!

1992 to 2011

check out FIRST World Tube
and White Dwarf Productions

You could try making your own. Our team took quite a bit of video during the season, and we made our own promo/recruiting video out of it. It didn’t say much about GP and Dean’s lofty goals, but that’s our job!

I don’t know about you guys, but this video pumps me up to the max every time I watch it.

We already have videos about the team, but we just wanted to know what videos made by FIRST you liked the best, and which ones we should show the new members.

For interesting promo videos, this is what we made last year:

Nice video Grim! It’s giving me ideas for next year’s video!

On the KCFIRST web page there is a couple of good video’s to get mentors.

One is 7minutes and the other two are just about a minute each.

This was our first promo. It utalizes footage from when we were a rookie team that knew nothing to a team that has a firm base for the future to come. Enjoy.

Our media team put this together just before the 2011 Kickoff. I’m told it was shown at all the Oregon and Washington state kickoff locations [citation needed].

I regret that the sound is a bit uneven, but apparently it’s good enough for FIRSTWorldTube’s Channel !

The intro was inspired by a software commercial.

Roaming around one night and came across this, figured I had to upload it to Gus’ Youtube! Love these old videos. 2006 FIRST promotional video.

This is the intro video from 08. It is by far my favorite video in FIRST history and I get psyched to unnatural levels when I watch it.

Thanks for this great archive list, Mark!