FIRST Q&A - Back / Refresh returns to first page.

FIRST - please request that the company who programmed your Q&A un-break both the back button and the refresh button. The Q&A is already 7 pages long, and I should not be returned to the first page if I click back or refresh. That’s just sloppy. Once this thing hits 100 pages, it will be impossible to read through.

Using chrome.

While we’re at it, Under “Playing Field Details”, take off the part about " (All Encrypted)". It kind of threw me for a bit when I had to load it up on someone else’s computer.

Oh, wait… maybe the word you want is “cryptic”? :slight_smile:

+1 Incredibly annoying. Makes q+a almost unreadable

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This is quite frustrating indeed. I have found that ‘Open Link in New Tab’ will be helpful. Dang FIRST… Plz fix your websites :frowning:

Yeah, except “Open link in New Tab” also doesn’t work - it just gives a server error.

ughhh… It works when the site is up :expressionless:
Meanwhile… THIS may be helpful: (Originaly Posted by Rachel Lim)

REMEMBER: The answers may change, and may not be updated on this GDoc. Q&A site is the ‘official’ answer, but when the site is down that isn’t helpful.

Bring back export to a PDF. It is really frustrating to have to open the question to see the answer. Especial from a place with real world internet speeds and latency.