I am wondering if the FIRST Q&A forum is valid for answers. It looks like no special password is needed to ask and answer questions.

It seems like the site that we are directed to allows non-FIRST personnel to answer questions. Anyone have any clarification on this?

I have received the following information from Dave Lavery …

“The Q&A system is broken. The usernames/passwords for the Q&A system that are supposed to be in the hands of the main contacts for each team have not been sent out yet. The system has been temporarily taken offline until it can be fixed and the registrations completed. This situation is unfortunate, and absolutely not what was intended, but they are doing their best to get things fixed quickly. FIRST will be posting a status update on this situation shortly, so everyone please just hang on for a little while.”

The Q&A system is being fixed. All Forums are currently locked, and teams contacts have been sent a special login for posting questions. The Submit Questions Forum is still locked even for this login, but presumably it will be unlocked soon, as this is the only place you’re supposed to be putting questions.

UPDATE: For those redirected here, and cause I just typed a big explanation in a thread that got locked before I posted it. The Q&A forums now appear to be gone. They are almost certainly just hidden while some cleanup of all the unofficial Q&A action happens. Hopefully this means they’ll be up for good sooner than later.