First Q & A

Anyone posting and seeing their posts? Are posts pre-moderated?

Yes all posts appear right after you post them. at least from my knowledge.

I can’t see any posts. I’m not my team’s official person, but I did sign up last year just to be able to view stuff. I see zero posts whether or not I’m logged in. Do I need a new account for just this year, or can no one else see the posts?

Im kind of confused, What do you mean by not being able to see posts. You might have to contact the web admin because I am able to view all posts and I signed up two years ago.

John is talking about the FIRST Q&A website at, not ChiefDelphi.

I see 0 replies to 0 questions. I have randomly seen questions posted over the past day and a half, but they seem to disappear a bit later on. I don’t know if FIRST is pulling them down as soon as they get them or what. It’s like a black hole post-sucking vortex of doom or something.

ah sorry about that… Im going to go with a black hole

same here, they may just be trying to get things ready to go (though I don’t really know what that takes). I’ll just wait patiently until then.

Ditto on not seeing new posts. There were two which were just posted to the 2006 Game topics (and were answered), but have since disappeared. Queue Rod Sterling…

“There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. You have just entered the FIRST Zone.”

Posts are pre-moderated.

(This is your friendly reminder to read the manual first.)

The questions by the official representatives in the Submit a Question forum are automatically hidden, and will be visible once answered.

The questions asked incorrectly (either by the wrong person or in the wrong forum) are either being hidden or possibly deleted manually.

So they have been posted, but until a moderator approves of them, they wont be seen.

I know that they’re pre-moderated and need to be posted correctly, but I’d think at least some would have passed moderation by now, since It’s been operational since yesterday. Maybe they’re waiting to post the questions until they can post answers too?

That is correct. The questions “go public” when they have been answered, and both the question and answer can be presented together. Otherwise, the public threads become a hopeless jumble of answered and unanswered questions.


My Bad… I’m sorry :o

I just took a look over at – seems that answers are flowing free now.


Really? I’m not seeing any answers. I get a blank forum. (Although, by the sounds of it certain members of the GDC have answered them. :p)

Edit: So we have our first Q&A responses. Is anyone else predicting a mass influx of orders for AM?

Ian - I just looked again – go to the main forums page, then “FRC Game Q & A - 2007” – there are answers in Sections 7, 8, 9 and 10 (you don’t even need to be logged in)

Note that the questions and answers appear in these subfora of “FRC Game Q & A - 2007” and not in the “FRC Submit a Question” subfora, which are only used for submitting questions.

Hope that helps.


OK, maybe I’m just being incredibly dense, but now I can’t find the “FRC Submit a Question” subfora. I posted a question (and was answered) on the first day when it seemed like the system was acting really weird. Now I simply can’t figure out where to even post my teams questions.

This years Q&A is driving me crazy.