I’ve noticed that the 2009 FIRST Q&A is now open and waiting for questions!

The question is if your login is working. I know my team’s login isn’t working at the moment.

Our team’s login works.
I used it after lunch.

Did you use the new one now posted in TIMS?

Our login also worked, with the new password from TIMS.

Yes its up…
Use your password located on TIMS and use the link right below it…
I just bookmarked it and it works fine… (yesterday it was pointed at the 2008 QA)

We need to make sure everyone knows that you don’t want to look at information ONLY in the real Q and A.

Below the Q and A is a section labeled New Topics…There are already many questions asked and answered there but only by teams and not officially.
Answers posted in that section are NOT QA answers and should never be treated as such… it is just a blog…

good luck!!