FIRST Recap Weekly -Tuesday 8pm ET - Erin Mitchell from Reinvented Magazine - Take from FUN Trivia

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Guest: Erin Mitchell - - CFO of Reinvented Magazine, a 501c3 nonprofit providing a magazine written for womxn in STEM by womxn in STEM

FIRST Oklahoma loses a core member
NAVx2 Micro - Gen 2
Things that get you into the good place
Indiana and NE Chairman’s awards
What should be the requirements to restart competitions?

Let’s Discuss That - Extended Discussions:

What should be the requirements to restart competitions/ How does FIRST financially survive a modified/cancelled 2021 season
Things that get you into the good place

Guest Topic:
Reinvented Magazine - Learn more and get involved!

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This is very cool, hope you continue to get more guests like this!


Thanks @Akash_Rastogi. We are always open for suggestions for future guests so please DM me or post here if anyone has somebody in mind.

About to start FRC Recap Weekly! Come join us! Join the #call-in-channel-queue in FUN’s discord if you want to join trivia!

Is there a link for the form to get the first two free issues?

Thank you to Erin for being out guest last night and those who watched live. If you didn’t get a chance to hear more about Reinvented Magazine, it’s an incredible service.

Episodes are up on Podcast and YouTube

Full Episode:
Headlines only:

Direct link that I have (I think it’s accessible on the website too)

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