FIRST records

Anyone know a robot that was just amazing at something? Perhaps it had the strongest drive train, most unorthodox approach to the game, fastest scorer, or anything else noteworthy?

These can be new or old records, but I’d prefer they be a bit more then “check out this robot, its strong” Please give an example of something that made it amazing or something to back it up.

The example that made me choose to start this thread is below. It is a story of a team that literally built their robot in 10 hours at championship. I think this has to be the fastest build of a competitive robot in FIRST.

There’s been a 6-hour one out here. SVR 2001; team in question, 692’s rookie robot. They made their last practice match. That’s probably the fastest team build, too–the team barely had anything during the build season, IIRC.

Largest competitive collaboration would have to go to the NiagraFIRST Triplets (1114, 1503, 1680) at three teams. I can’t think of a single example of another three-team collaboration, let alone one that did so well.

The third team was 1680.

Best strategic use of a game element has to go to 67 ( And related to that, most impressive human player from 2004 goes to 1241. I think I saw them miss 2 shots in all the matches I watched.

I’ll post more when I think of them.

1902 was part of a 3 way collab with 1251 and some other team this year too. If I were a Floridian I’d remember, whoops.

I’d argue 987 pushing a tube onto 71’s ramps in the last seconds of Einstein Final 3 is also a contender for best strategic use of a game object (if that was intentional, sure looked like it).

Highest score ever: 710 points as far as I know.

Team 408.

Amazing Robots:
71 2002, 60 2002 (60 Couldn’t really be beaten until they met 71)
111 2003 Autonomous (StangPS)
1114 2008

See the “History of First” PPT Here for more

Most Championship Wins: 71
Most Regional Wins: 254
Teams who have won a regional every year (not rookies or second year): 1983, 2056, 254
Longest winning streak (of one regional): 254 (8 consecutive years, Silicon Valley)
Most Blue Banners: 71/254 Tied with 22

Longest time in FIRST - 20, 45, 126, 148, 151, 190, 191

Most Championship Chairman’s - 191 (2)
(with the new rules this could change!)

Team Titanium (1986) made an awesome catapult last year !

Check out the announcer on Blue Alliance !

Easiest thirty points ever: a broken 1755 starting the match atop a similarly-broken 1850 during a qualification match at the 2007 Midwest Regional. (Video on TBA here.) Faced with a 1v3 match, their third partner (you might’ve heard of them) made use of a Q&A ruling that declared stacking robots at the start of a match legal. The plan worked–the alliance won 46-10.

The strategy was banned the very next week.

Push of tube was great intentional last second call of Marc Rogers, our drivers coach who had seen numerous examples during matches of bots having difficulty getting on ramps when tubes had fallen on decks. He saw opportunity to **help **one wind up on deck and I would have to agree it ranks among the best uses of game object ever (not that I am biased;) )

My team didn’t really accomplish an engineering feat or anything of the sorts. But we did mannage to jump from dead last place (Out of about 45 teams maybe?) In 2008. To 8th place in the semis this year.

P.S. Joe. Thatwas one of the greats matches I’ve ever watched. The tube was amazing.

Marc Rogers is truly one of the best coaches out there.
I’d be nervous if he was my coach. Very intense.
Certainly the best 8th seed alliance ever at Championships.

254 is the best team never to win at Championships. Not even a close second.

233 takes the second, I think.

We had a discussion a while earlier about the most isolated team in FRC.

I’d be interested in seeing who travels the greatest distance during a full FRC season.

Another one… what is the greatest distance ever driven to get to a regional? How about to a Championship? Teams with eternal bus trips… speak up!

What is the greatest number of consecutive seasons in which a team has:

a) Qualified for Championships by winning a regional or regional chairman’s award?
b) Won an official FRC award of any description. (We’re on a five year streak… not bad for a six year old team… but I know there are some much, much longer “winning streaks” out there.)

Actually… this is the sort of thing that belongs on a wiki, isn’t it?


Most recent rookie to win championships:
Team 100 in 1995

190, 987, 177: Only 8th seed alliance to win a division (and championships)

Longest streak of appearances on Einstein: 177 Bobcats (2006-2009)

Longest undefeated streak in a season: 67 HOT in 2009 with 38 straight matches

Most gold medals in a season: 6 gold medals (67 HOT in 2005 and 2009 and 1114 in 2008)

Team 60’s Drive to Atlanta this year was pretty far.

We have won at least one for the last 8 years (all 12 years except 2001). I have gone back as far as I could and any records before 2002 are choppy and unreliable.

330 has at least one per year since 2001, counting regional wins/finalists. I’d have to ask the veterans if we won anything in 2000; if we did, the streak goes back to 1999.

It’s not hard to find these things out…:yikes:

2009 FL Motorola Quality Award
2009 FL Regional Finalist
2009 North Star - Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award
2009 North Star - Motorola Quality Award
2009 North Star - Regional Winner
2008  FL  Motorola Quality Award
2007  FL  Regional Chairman's Award
2007  NV  J&J Sportsmanship
2007  CMP  Xerox Creativity
2007  CMP  Finalist - Galileo Division
2006  NV  Regional Chairman's Award
2006  FL  Regional Champion
2005  CMP  Judge's Award
2005  FL  Regional Chairman's Award
2004  FL  DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit
2004  CO  DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit
2004  CO  GM Industrial Design
2004  CO  Regional Chairman's Award
2003  NH  KPC&B Entrepreneurship
2003  FL  Regional Finalist
2003  FL  Regional Chairman's Award
2003  NH  KPC&B Entrepreunership
2002  IL  Finalist
2002  IL  Judge's Award
2000  FL  Imagery
1999  FL  Outstanding Defense
1998  TX  Rookie All-Star Award

330 was a 2000 CA Finalist