FIRST release/injury form

basicaly is says that they can photograph and vidio tape the teams!

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Team 1569
Pamela Anderson
Public Relation!

The consent form for the 2005 regional events has not been posted yet. Keep checking for updates.

I believe the following form is used for BOTH the regionals and the national event. It’s located on the FIEST web site HERE

Basically, it’s a hold-harmless “model release” so that your photograph might pop-up on the cover of the FIRST annual report next year. You’d only be concerned about that if you plan on becoming a rock star!

Have there ever been any major injuries substained to a human in a FIRST compitetion over the years?

(Machine shop injuries don’t count, I’m talking about AT the compitetion.)

I once had fiberglass shards covering my whole hand, I used duck tape to get it out. It probably wasn’t a serious injury but it sure felt like one.

I seriously doubt that there has ever been an accident directly related to the competition at any of the FIRST venues.

But…why are you asking the question? Unless there’s some valid, serios “need to know”, don’t even raise the issue.

Instead, focus on prevention:
a) Your team has a safety officer whose job is to make sure that NOTHING happens
b) FIRST invests heavily in emergency personnel at each venue
c) The management of each venue site is also responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, facility.

So…each one of us is responsible for watching our for our own safety, the safety of our teammates, and the safety of all FIRST competitors in our alliance (and beyond).

I don’t see why the topic shouldn’t be brought up. FIRST history is just like real history: know it or repeat the mistakes made by those before you. In the case of safety, I believe this is very important. I’ve heard of one incident in which a student (edit: got seriously injured) from being dropped in a mosh pit at a regional social. I think this sort of thing is a (edit:needless occurance) and that everyone in FIRST would not like any more accidents like it to happen again.

As for my team, the most serious of our injuries have been students cutting themselves on our bandsaw (not seriously) and mentors’ fingers getting hit with hammers by student learning how to nail. ;p

Sorry about the misinformation, I misunderstood what I heard before. Thanks for the correction Dave.

OK, before this rumor gets out of hand, let’s stop it here. There has NOT been a student death from an incident at a regional party. There was a serious injury at the 2002 Cleveland Regional party, which was held at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. A student was “crowd surfing” during the performance by the band. He was dropped by the crowd, fell on his head, and had to be taken away by ambulance. After a stay in the hospital, he made a full recovery. This incident was a causal factor in FIRST getting away from event “Parties” and moving to “Team Socials” (i.e. no bands).

I don’t mean to jump on anyone about this, but we need to make sure that rumors like this don’t get out of hand. If we aren’t carefull, these things tend to grow in severity and impact with each re-telling, and soon bear little resemblance to the original event.


excellent response.

Even better…most companies take pride in their safety records. I’d even go as far as to suggest to each team that they post a sign in their work areas saying “X days in robot build without an injury” just like most construction companies do.

By the way, does any team have a manual for their safety officer and his/her responsibilities:
during the build period
at the regional event(s)
at the regionals, but off-site (travel, hotel, party, etc)
at the national

We don’t have a manual per se, but follow what is in the FIRST manual, section

In addition, when we arrive at a competition or hotel, our Safety Captain is supposed to communicate to the entire team a safe location where we all would meet in case of an emergency.