First Release of Analytics App for FRC MScout System

FRC MScout Analytics 2019

Data displayed above was randomly generated for testing purposes.

Three Components are needed to operate the system:

  1. FRC MScout Client 2019 (This is the scouting data collection)
  2. FRC MScout Core (This transfers the data from phone to laptop)
  3. FRC MScout Analytics 2019 (This is used to analyze the data)

Download FRC MScout Analytics 2019 v0.5 release here:

See Post Below for instructions on using FRC MScout Client 2019 and FRC MScout Core

Use this program to generate random data for testing:

Please join my discord to give feedback, ask questions, and help out!


@Alexbay218 this system looks really cool! Any plans for native Mac, web and or mobile support for the analytics and/or core parts? Also, the discord invite link doesn’t work appears to be broken.

Try this:

The core part is windows. But you can try to compile it for linux and macOS. OpenCV, zlib, and Nana are the libraries used for qrcode scanning and ui. I chose C++ for performance reasons. The analytics part uses electron, so anything that can run electron will work. Make sure to move the resources/app folder to a 4.0.1 release of electron.

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