FIRST Robot Design Tool in Flash

Fellow FIRSTers:

Robot Design Tool
Hosted by team 401

I have developed a FLASH based design tool that can be used by any team to help come up with robot concepts. This tool helps students (and mentors) come up with robot designs based on some components that have become prevalent in the FIRST competitions.

Please check out the above link and give it a try! Feel free to reply to this thread with any comments/suggestions/complaints about the design tool so I can adjust it for the next version.

Also, please check out the attached README for any questions.

Happy New Year and have a great season!

-Gabe Goldman
Graduate Teaching Assistant for Team 401
Virginia Tech

DesignToolReadMe.txt (2.07 KB)

DesignToolReadMe.txt (2.07 KB)

Nice little program :slight_smile: I made Trogdor the robonator!

It might be cool to take some screen captures of the robots you make and post them here too!

Its pretty neat, but I find the interface is somewhat non-intuitive. Would it be possible to make it so that the move tool is always in use unless you click on a different tool?

I’m just curious’ what’s with the cost thing?

The cost represents either weight or resources that a team would need to make the design.

The way our team will use the “Cost” is to limit student designs to 100 points. This way, we can try to filter out some ideas that might not be doable on our budget or time frame.

I will make a change to allow for the move tool to be default in the next version as well!