FIRST Robotics College Scholarships

Here’s a link to all of the scholarships offered by colleges to FIRST participants.
Many have deadlines in early January and February.
If you are a past recipient of a FIRST scholarship, maybe you could offer advice to other students applying.

The FIRST scholarship for the college I am going to next year was removed. Pretty disappointing.

That’s disappointing. What college will you be attending?

Two pieces of general advice on applying for scholarships, both FIRST and non-FIRST.

  1. Read the application carefully. It will tell you exactly what the reviewers are looking for. Provide them with this information.

  2. Apply Apply Apply! You can’t get a scholarship you don’t apply for. Every year, a large number of scholarships go un-used. Even if you don’t hit 100% of the criteria, don’t be afraid to apply.