FIRST Robotics Community Teams - How Many?

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I was wondering how many teams are a “community” based FRC team. I was talking in the discord a month back and was surprised by its abundance and its “definition” of a community team being interpreted differently. My team (FRC3182) is a community team and I would like to see its abundance and challenges. Our team is in decent shape with minimal problems occurring with the management of the team.

To me, a community team is a team not supported by a school system in any form of way. They work, receive funding from outside sources, and allow members from any school/town. If a team has either, such as working out of a high school’s workshop, that would be a Semi-School team, which I see is way more common but are still filed under “community”.

If we applied the definition of “community” above, how many teams are there? How do you receive funding and where do you work out of? How hard is it to manage every year? Thank you for reading!

In my area (Mid-Michigan) I can think of 2-3 potential examples of “community” teams depending on how loosely you define it.

First, on my former team (703) we always considered ourselves to be a “community” team, because even though we were based out of a school building, we received no other support from the school, and because our school was a 1/2-day tech center for Jrs and Srs looking to pick up some extra credits, it had no native student population to recruit from, meaning we HAD to recruit from other schools in the area (which, incidentally, was a LOT easier before the explosion of teams in Michigan a few years back).

Beyond that though, I know 4819 is a community team that is NOT based out of or supported in any way by a high school and though they consist mostly of home-schoolers, I’d imagine they would (and probably do) accept members from anywhere in the area.

Finally 5424 is another home school “community” team (that, again, would probably accept outside members), though they share a build space in the Midland Public Schools owned Robotics Center along with several other teams.


There are quite a few community teams based out of their local 4-H, the most notable of which include 1902 and 2767.


Hi Paige, we the RoboRoos (4537) are as you define a community team with no support from schools. As you mention we have to work hard in getting both money and student/mentor participation. Most of our money comes from government grants and BAE System with a few local companies pitching in to support. Build space is a major issue for us currently working at a students backyard.


6036 is a community team. we have no school support, get all our money from non-school sources, and work out of a member’s garage.


From what I know, 1501 is also based out of their local 4-H.

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FMA has 225, 365, 747, 1640, and probably a few others I’m not thinking of right now


1360 / Orbit Robotics from Ontario is a community team.


We (6936) are a community team, and another team in our area 3138 is also a community team. I don’t know of any others around here. (Ohio)

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Wave considers ourselves a community team as we are open to any student in our county, be it public, private, or home school.

However we meet at a local middle school, so we would lose your community tag per your rules. We partner with the local Rec department which is umbrella’d under the school district so we can take advantage of their insurance. Otherwise everything we do is independent of the school district.

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6886 is a 4-H Community Team. We accept kids from 3 different public schools, 2 private schools, and home school kids. We meet in the back room of our bowling alley. Our “practice field” can only be used after the bowling alley is closed for the night, and we have to move all the tables and chairs from the bowling area. Funding comes from grants (Boeing, NASA, Praxair, etc.) and from local businesses.

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My team(2451) is a community team. We revive no funding from any school and pull from many local schools and home schooled students. We operate under a 501c3 organization and operate out of a sponsors workshop (Illinois)

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5962 is a community team with students from several high schools and middle schools. We woke out of UMass Lowell and get no support from any of the schools our students are from. We depending on corporate sponsors, grants and fundraisers.

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My own team would be a semi-school team by your definition - we manage our own funding and accept students from any school, but we do meet at a high school and the school gives us some support on things like counting traveling for competitions as a field trip.

In our area I know 1868 (the Space Cookies) are a community team run by the Girl Scouts, and I believe 6418 (the Missfits) are also community based.

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Didn’t know Stryke Force was a community team, interesting! I knew 1902 was but I heard they were based out of a school building. I can’t confirm these hearings but thats super interesting.

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Misfits are community??? That’s interesting and so cool! Thank you for your comment.

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Ooh we do too! We work in a community makerspace and get reduced rent. We also manage our finances and whatnot. How do you handle recruitment?

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Wow, you guys sound like us. A bowling alley sounds cool and super interesting to film a robot reveal at! Do you go out to the schools and do demos to recruit, or is all of recruitment word of mouth?

Thats super cool, thank you!

Ah, so you use the insurance, we use 4-H for such and for 501©3. Thats a interesting way to consider “community”. Do you have your own lisence of a 501©3 or do you use the school’s? Do you get funding from students or does the school take care of that?