FIRST Robotics Community Teams - How Many?


Oh thats cool! We are 4-H as well but we aren’t based in any of their buildings


Thank you for your comment. Didn’t know TechFire was a community. How do you guys take care of finances, 501©3, and recruitment?


1305 considers itself a community team, but by your definition we are not. We work out of our local collage but in the past have worked out of schools of the public board and or largest sponsor is the English public board, but are also sponsored by the French Catholic board.


We have a community foundation that we partner with to use their 501c3 status. The school district gives us no money. We have a registration fee that all students pay and then we have various fundraising campaigns and many sponsors that donate $ and in kind donations.

We use the school district for their insurance and to get students excused absences out of school for trips.


Actually, you can be considered community because its not within a school district, its a public college. A English Public Board? French Catholic?? That’s the most interesting sponsors i’ve heard of!


Oh wow, a garage community team. Thats the first ive heard of! How does funding get taken care of? Are you going to move into a better space for easier recruitment and machine usage?

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Yeah where we are there are 4 publicly funded boards. English public (largest sponsor), English Catholic, French public, French Catholic (also a sponsor) but our team members come from either 3 or 4 of schools from these boards. But during a teacher lockout a while ago have been based out of out local collage and have access to their massive machine shop.


Wow, thats cool. Didn’t know boards could fund. Do they fund based on the amount of students on the team? Is French Catholic a religious school board, and if so do they fund the amount of students that are French Catholic?


In the end all 4 of the school boards teach the same curriculum only in the Catholic English and I am assuming the Catholic French you have to take a compulsory religion course. As far as I am aware there French Catholic board has just given us a sponsorship iregardless of the number is students on our team from their schools.


Hm, that could of been cool to look into the numbers of student = x amount of money.

Thank you for replying to my thread! :slight_smile:


2702 was a school team but we moved out and became a community team to accept students from all over the region.

How do you receive funding and where do you work out of?
-We receive funding through sponsorship and fundraising the same as when we were a school team. A lot of our connections are through mentors or parents.(But that’s pretty standard with school teams as well.)
-We work out of Google’s Kitchener/Waterloo office. They have a community space in the bottom floor of the building where meet. (Some of our mentors are Google employees, that’s how we got this gig.)

How hard is it to manage every year?
-Could not tell you for sure as I don’t really handle any of that stuff. I think the overhead is more, having to set up and manage things like insurance. But some of the restrictions we faced when tied to a school board have disappeared.

I believe 1325, 2013, 2706 and 4476 from Ontario are also all community teams.

Edit: I believe that like us, 1325 and 2013 both started as school teams but removed themselves for some reason or another. (Not 100% on that though)


all our funding is done by students writing grants or company matches to parent donations. we’ve made the garage work for 4 years so far and we’ve made it work, but we have been looking for the past year or so for a permanent space. not sure if we’ll get one for this coming year so we have to move garages as our current host is leaving the team. it’s a lot of work but a really interesting and truly inspiring experience.


Team 171 is technically a community team even though the grand majority of students are from one high school. We invite students from a 50 mile radius but haven’t gotten much traction, mostly due to people not wanting to drive 20+ minutes every day of build season.
The only support the team receives from the HS is free use of one of their transport vans for going to regionals. The grand majority of support is from the local university which the team is based out of.


4004, from West MI, is a community team. There aren’t many community teams in our area, I’d say maybe 5 max. We work out of a big shop called Pribusin Inc. The owner of Pribusin is the founder of our team, so we work out of his shop and all of the machines (i.e. laser cutter, plasma cutter, mills, etc.) are available for us to use as needed. We have a lot of very generous sponsors that help fund our team and the district event we host, and every student fundraises and works to get as much money as they can for the team. It’s not very hard to manage, but every once in a while students from schools that have their own team request to join so that’s a bit of a process.

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Team 6328 from Littleton, MA is a community team. We have our own 501c3 and work out of a sponsor’s building (Patriot Beverages, a Pepsi bottling company). We also run our FLL teams out of the same building.


If I’m not mistaken. In PCH I know of a few… 1311 Kell Robotics is a community team. As is 4910 East Cobb Robotics, 5632 the Asimovians, 6325 Reset Robotics, 6829 Ignite Robotics…there are a large number of teams that work at the Johnson Research Center…and I’m not sure if those are school teams that work there or not.


Wow! You guys get transportation like that??? Thats… ERRR IM JEALOUS!!! Thank you for replying!


How did you get your own 501©3??? We had to apply with 4-H


Hm, I can try to ask some of them. Thank you for the input!


Wow, having sponsors like that is super beneficial. Having a strong sponsor connection is amazing, we have those with our makerspace and 4-H! Thank you for replying