FIRST Robotics Competition 2012: Sixth Sense (?)

After thinking for a while and connecting some sources, it made me think that the name of the 2012 game will be Sixth Sense.

First, This year we’re using a KINECT, means we’re gonna do with our bodies things we’ve never done before. And into another direction:

  1. The FTC challange of 2009-10 was called Hot Shot!
  2. Hot Shot! is the name of a Korean song by the Brown Eyed Girls band. During their latest comeback, they have released another song called “Sixth Sense”.
  3. The lyrics of Sixth Sense say “better than the love (logo?) motion”

Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

is my Sixth Sense making any sense? or anything in that direction probably?

We still have to wait a few weeks until an official hint is released but I’m intrigued by the similarities.

Personally I feel it’s just a coincidence, i dont think first would base their game on songs by some korean band lol

don’t forget that last year people started thinking about special events occured back in 1962, when “The Loco-Motion” was released…

Just after seeing “Hot Shot” I thought that Sixth Sense can be an option for a futuristic Kinect FRC game where you’ll probably have to do some zumba dance in order to get the end-game bonus points.

we have to wait 42 days and 12 hours for kickoff then we find what we have to do this year

Gonna give you some kudos for that, but you simply predicted last year’s game.

Except Sixth Sense or some use of that term would be awesome for future games:

Six-Sense: The game that brings FTC to 3v3 and would involve inventive grip systems to pick up various objects.

Sick Sense: A FLL game about germs and medicine.

ROFL @ Sick Sense

Anyway I really hope they’ll do something innovative this year and not just balls and tubes…and I wonder if the kinect will be more than just a way to control the robot.

I independently came to this SAME conclusion while eating turkey and listening to K-Pop yesterday!

Based on Bill’s 11-9-11 post, I would think that the game would be called or be similar sounding to “…mulling it over…”.

Apparently on the mentor call on Monday they let slip that the Kinect would be used during autonomous… I didn’t hear the call myself, but heard this second-hand from the mentor of 3951.

Not a “slip”…

When the Kinect was first announced as part of this years game on October 7th, it was stated that it was part of autonomous. See here (very top, grey box):

Eh, what do I know? :smiley:

Of course its more than just a way to control the robots. Its a marvelous way to drive the programmers nuts! :yikes:

Hey we’re 3475 we heard that the kinect may be used during the autonomous period so that there are no complaints of not being able to use it.