FIRST Robotics Date--mentoring rookie teams

Attention all Veteran teams!

Are you looking to mentor newer teams in a meaningful way? Want to bestow your knowledge on like-minded rookies? Then FIRST Date is for you!

FIRST Date is a service that matches teams based on their similarities and interests to help form team partnerships. To do this, we break down a team’s philosophy into eight dimensions of compatibility and use these to match teams based on their goals. FIRST Date provides a great opportunity for experienced teams to help the FIRST community grow, practice Gracious Professionalism, and make friends!

We would like to launch this service to rookie teams next week, but first we need veteran teams in the system to partner newer teams with, so register now! Go to, and sign-up to mentor rookies today!

This website will eventually also support veteran teams finding veteran teams of like and complimentary interests…but let’s help out the rookies first!

If you have any bugs or problems with the site, or any general comments, please report them to either Sarah or Mike, and CC me.

A detailed bug report is a valuable bug report. If you have a problem, could you please send us:

  • What you were trying to do.
  • The current URL.
  • Copy+paste / screenshot any errors.
  • The previous page (or URL if you remember it).
  • Your team number (if it is not in your signature or email).
  • Any other information you feel may be pertinent.

I will be watching this thread with an eagle eye and try to respond as soon as possible. Hopefully though, I won’t be needed :wink:

Best of luck!