FIRST Robotics Day at Dodger Stadium!

**Sunday, September 4, 2016 is FIRST Robotics Day at Dodger Stadium!

ALL Southern California FIRST Teams - JrFLL, FLL, FTC and FRC - are invited to attend and bring friends and family.

If we have 500 team members in attendance, we will get a pre-game introduction on the field - that’s all the team members, in uniforms, down on the centerfield grass before the game begins.

We’ll then sit together, and get lots of time and exposure on the DiamondVision.

Depending on how many tickets we sell, we’re talking to the Dodgers about showing FIRST videos between innings, promoting FIRST during the game… and how about a “FIRST” pitch by robots?!

This is an opportunity to tell 50,000 people all about FIRST - and we get a ball game, too (Dodgers v Padres - great SoCal contest).

Attached is a group order form. Teams should order their tickets together, as soon as possible to guarantee this rate. Teams might want to consider purchasing their tickets early - 20 or more - and getting repaid by members. The Dodgers will buy back unsold tickets up to two weeks before the game.

If your team wants to attend but can not sell 20 tickets, just let me know and I’ll put together small orders into a larger one.

There will be more details as we go forward, but briefly:
Game begins at 1:10, so team members participating in pre-game - centerfield introduction, FIRST pitch, etc. - will arrive by about 12:10. Everyone should wear team shirts–let’s stand out! (We’re also looking at making special FIRST Dodgers T-Shirts.) Seating will be on the reserve level (third tier), on the 3rd base side (shade).

For more information, go to

What a way to kick off the 2016/2017 season! Please let us know here when you’ve ordered tickets! :slight_smile:

LA_Dodgers Robotics Day.pdf (153 KB)

LA_Dodgers Robotics Day.pdf (153 KB)

Wow! That’s awesome! I wish you guys the best of luck!

Block ticket orders from the Dodgers are due by Thurs Aug 4 (20 ticket minimum, $17 ea). Tickets returned to the Dodgers will be fully refunded (until 2 weeks before the game - Aug 21).

Team 980 will purchase a block of tickets for sale to teams unable to purchase 20 or more. Please send me a PM if you are interested in getting 1 or more tickets to the game.

Be there!

This is awesome. If I was in SoCal right now, this is definitely where I would be going.

This is great- will pass this on to some SoCal mentors!

If you guys need help organizing, shoot me a PM. We’re always happy to help! :slight_smile:

An update on FIRST Robotics Day at Dodger Stadium on Sep 4:

We’ve made it really easy to buy tickets on our website, instead of using an order form:
Buy your tickets before August 4th for the guaranteed discount! After, we will still sell tickets, but the price will go up.

Join us to MAKE IT LOUD!!!

The LA Dodgers have set aside 900 hundred tickets for our FIRST Robotics group!

Thus far, almost 350 tickets are committed. We’d like to surpass the 500 mark within two weeks to confirm pre-game on-field activities.

We’d like to see a great display of top teams with their awesome blue banners for 50,000+ fans to see!

If you are in SoCal, you need to make it LOUD at LA Dodger Stadium on Sun Sep 4! Tickets are available here:

FIRST Robotics Day at Dodger Stadium

Join us for an awesome day!

Exciting news for SoCal teams who want to attend Dodger Day!

Several sponsors have stepped up and made donations to subsidize ticket costs for this outreach event!

This means that every student who wants to attend will be able to have a ticket!

Students/teams who want to attend but need help with ticket costs should PM me directly and we’ll set it up!

50,000+ in attendance! Let’s make it LOUD!

The Dodgers told me today that we are ON for a [size=]FIRST Pitch on the September 4th game![/size]

… as long as we get enough FIRST members in seats.

We need to sell more tickets to guarantee that pitch.

So if you’re in SoCal and you haven’t made up your mind, or gotten around to getting your tickets - now is the time!

And if you team wants to go but money is an issue, we had some tickets donated, so pm me to arrange.

This is a great opportunity to make it loud while we have some fun!