FIRST Robotics delays

Is anyone else from the Southeast, or even just the East, still locked out of school, forcing them to delay construction or even strategic meetings before they could even get started? I know my team can not meet or work on the robot for this week because the roads are too icy to get anywhere. We won’t be able to meet until next Monday. Not only that, but we have a break for the last week of the build season. Personally, I’m pretty mad. We will have only 4 weeks to build our robot and our minibot, when we can’t even contact our mentor to order our parts yet. Just wondering, who else is in the same predicament?:eek:

email, email, email
skype video conferencing, msn messenger, etc.

just a few resources you could use

Our team meets over break and midterm week. Why not ask your school if you can?

Dropbox and are both helpful.

Along with simple Emails. Heck, we even have a facebook page.

Well we have began some strategy and some rule learning, but we can’t start a full discussion, really. Also, we are a county team so we use our local open campus high school to meet at, so if they are open, (Mondays-Saturdays) we can meet. If the school is closed, or on break, we can’t. By the way, I’m surprised how quick this thread was posted.

Also, you should probably get the phone numbers of your coach/mentors.
Plus, like others said, email is a great tool. Our robotics discussion and planning goes on long after we leave school.
Also, like Steve said: Facebook.
It’s the easiest way for us to spread the word to the whole team. Everyone is always checking their facebook, on their phone, or computer. Create a group on Facebook that way you can just mass message everyone on the team.

Also if you have a Mentor that is a teacher, see if he can work something out with the principal so that you can meet whenever. The staff at your school, the principal especially, and the Parent/teacher association or organization can be very valuable resources for all aspects of the build season.

Why can’t you contact your mentor to order parts? That doesn’t seem right…

There are definitely a lot of teams in the same predicament:

Im going to sound old here…
back in my day before the internet when we needed to call somebody we could look them up in the phone book…

Seriously most likely your mentors are in the phone book, or will respond to e-mail. The contact info for most team mentors is on first’s website. Contact your local hotel, public library, community center, YMCA, churches etc. I guarantee you can find a meeting room they will let you use. Take cardboard and stick to prototype with as well as some measuring tools.

Divide up into small teams to work on sub projects, if the weather is bad, have the geographically close people meet at each others homes to work on things.

The weather is only a roadblock if you let it be one.

All the said resources are a good idea!

Now I understand about the school closings affecting your meetings (we have that same policy up here).

If you guys have to, you can always get together at a members house. I’m sure between now an then (if not already) you should be able to hit the roads to get at a common meeting spot between now and then.

All right, probably should have thought about it a wee bit more. Thanks. I’ll see when we can get together. I think most people would rather stay home though. Ha. Once again, thanks for all the help.