FIRST Robotics Fantasy Football League 2007!

Hello, fantasy veterans and newcomers alike. This is our fifth season, and we’ve made a few changes. First, we have a live draft currently scheduled for September 4th at 7:00pm EDT. Second, we’ve lowered the league cap to 16 teams. If you’re interested, here are the details:

Link: (click the “Sign Up Now” link on the page; if you don’t have a Yahoo ID, you can make one from there)
ID#: 26142
Password: deankamen

I’ve run out of NFL teams to root for, so, GO RED SOX! :smiley:

Is the draft going to be randomized?

Yahoo randomizes the draft order about 45 minutes before the draft.
If you don’t trust Yahoo, commissioners have the ability to change the draft order up until the start of the draft.

I know Yahoo randomizes it.

Eddie sent an email out saying that the draft order will be the order in which we signed up for the league–which I think is totally wrong, since he will get LT by default, and nobody else will even have a chance at him.

From his email:

#1) I’d like your opinion on a live draft vs. an auto draft. If I were to hold a live draft, it’d most likely be on September 4th, and the draft order would be random. If I were to hold an auto draft, I’d push the button saying that we were ready over Labor Day weekend, and the draft order would be the order in which you joined the league in order to relieve us of some of the randomness. Keep in mind that it would probably take a nigh-unanimous vote to get me to switch it to a live draft, but if you guys are all down with it, I see no problems having one.

So it will be random for the live draft.

nope, he ALWAYS takes peyton manning first.

As my email said, that’s only for autodrafting, to alleviate some of the randomness. But since it’s live, there’s no need for a non-random draft order, since we’ll all be there and be able to see the players we’re able to pick. The details are in my commissioner’s note.

Anybody want to play over/under on my draft number? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, last person to join! Taravis Jackson going in the first round!

Me and the rest of Team Jack are planning on winning this league. Your team may have a better name but my team will have better players. :rolleyes:

it woulda been nice to still be in the league. but for some odd reason i was booted.

It’s not odd. Here’s the reason from Eddie’s e-mail:

I am going to require all managers to check in with me by the 25th (that’s 5 days). Please reply to this email with your team name, saying you’re ready to go, and you’re set. ALL TEAMS WHO DO NOT CHECK IN BY THE 25TH WILL BE REMOVED!!! I really don’t want to have to go through the rosters with a zillion guys on IR and alter them. I’m sure you all understand.

but check the addresses he sent it to. i was not on the email list.

as i told travis this and he then sent it to me.

im just not surprised to be booted for no reason, because it is eddie.

I may not make it for the 7:00 draft. Any one want to co-manage the team with me this year?

Would it be all the lovely profanity you used in Eddie’s direction in your trash talk bubble.
I wouldn’t have wanted you back either.

So… when’s the draft going to be now that it’s postponed?

And was the last team to join a real manager, or a placebo?

my Placebo team didn’t stick so I guess a real manager got in.

actually no it wasn’t. he never sent me the email where i was supposed to email back to make sure i was still alive. how CONVIENENT! also, i contacted indysam to co manage his team with him. i signed up and all then the team was booted. tis’ the reason why there is a odd number of teams i the league and no draft…

Sounds a bit childish… I wouldn’t want to even join if I were you. :rolleyes:

Never got a email, hard to respond. Must be a lot of fear in this league managers heart.

It looks like Eddie set it up to be an autopick now.

Eddie, I see you’ve changed the draft from random to ordered. I hope this doesn’t mean that you are putting us in the order we signed up.

I think this is totally unfair (as I’ve said before), and unnecessary. Why does it matter if an autodraft is conducted randomly? At least then everyone has the same shot at getting the top player. I see nothing inherently unfair about having the picks be random in an autodraft. If you set your prerankings up correctly, it shouldn’t matter.