FIRST Robotics last year?

According to an article on Forbes this year will be the final year of FRC Robotics competitions. The article was taken down about a few minutes after it was put up on the site this morning. It stated that the reason why they’re stopping FRC is because they cannot keep up with the latest & greatest technology.

I like how you just made an account to troll. Good Job. Its not even a good troll account.

This is just a rumor.

reported for spamming/trolling

Then would you mind explaining why you put so much effort in ranting while not admitting affiliation to any team?

You have nothing to prove this, sooooo i’m going with troll.

:neutral_face: no

:slight_smile: yes

I know this is a troll, but that reasoning wouldn’t make any sense at all. Try harder next time.

It’s actually true. I’ve stumbled upon this article this morning. I was quite shocked.

Could you link to said article then?

Thought so.

Mods, I think we’re done here. Can we close this thread?

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