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Hey all. I’m Levi from team 5464 and I think we can all agree that covid can make things much harder. But in these trying times, we must take what we have and try our best to make do. In Minnesota, we had an event called the Hub where multiple teams got together and talked robots for a while. Well, that is quite hard now :/. So my team and I have created a discord server for MN teams to do a sort of online HUB. If your (MN) team is interested please join via this link:

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Neat idea! It sure would be cool to have some kind of officially promoted network/communication platform through which local teams could connect with other local teams. This was on the agenda for the FUM board at the last meeting I attended. I’m disappointed to see that nothing has come from that idea that I’m aware of.

I think it will be difficult to grow a network like this organically. You’ll find that many of the people that you’ll reach through Chief Delphi are already connected via other unofficial platforms. I completely agree with you that there is a great need for something like this in Minnesota. That’s even more true during COVID while we’re unable to do Hub meetings and stay connected through events.

I disagree on the organic growth part. There is a Colorado FRC discord server that has grown quite organically, shared through a variety of different mediums, including CD and local tournaments.

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I can see how it can be difficult but for now I suppose it is a good start. :slight_smile: Im hopeful that it will work out!!

Gotta be careful – they might get corrupted with all of this districts hogwash


Anyone know if there is a discord for the best state … Texas?

@Levi_Blumer The invite is currently broken for me.

It’s telling me “The invite is invalid or has expired”

You have been relegated to the safety glass table discord.


Welcome one and all:


Pretty fum chat you have there. I hope you aren’t creating any conflicts of interest by making it.


Invite expired for me as well.

That was not a link to the actual discord server

I’m sure Levi can get you one/update the link in the title post.

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