FIRST Robotics Movie

This could be huge for FIRST

I wonder if they are going to recreate the scenes and use the actual team members as actors/actresses or if they have pre-recorded film they are using from the season?

I look forward to the day I am able to screen this movie at my movie theatre.

I certainly hope it actually happens! They have my support, that is for sure!

Anyone have a working link?

I’m only 1/6th of the way through the book, and It’s wonderful. I heard that it was going to be a screenplay, not a documentary, so they would have to remake some of the things, though I think they will take some Lunacy footage and mix it in there to add to the genuineness of the feeling of FIRST.

The link isn’t broken. Try again :wink:

This is Awesome!

What I would do is use the current year’s game that they film it in as the movie’s game while keeping the premise of the underdog team alive. It seems impossible to fake a build season.

At the same time I’ve been thinking that a FIRST team would be the perfect TV show. Every season would be a new game so there is no chance of getting repetitive year to year. The build season can easily be filmed in such a way to be condenced and elongated to fit into several action packed episodes. Also, the matches are short enough that full elimination rounds could be shown in an episode or broken into two. My baseline thought process is along the lines of American Chopper. Everyone knows that the build season is crazy intense when figuring out designs to the stress of being ever behind schedual to the emotion of regionals. If they made this I think discovery channel would have an absolute hit show that would push STEM awareness to the next level.

Anyways, that was totally off topic… A movie would be very awesome!
Regards, Bryan

I really hope this becomes a movie as long as they keep the part where we’re mentioned. :wink:

Good ole American Robot:

Don’t mean to derail the thread, but does anyone have the first two seasons still? The links in the old threads don’t seem to work anymore.

We need to definitely Derail this thread … HUGE American Robot fan !
When will we have a build season with another American Robot Season?

I also read the New Cool, really liked the book and HUGE 1717 fan now !

As a friend of someone featured in The New Cool (Luke, on the CAD team) i totally think they should use those kids to act it out. If not i think it would be great to have Luke played by Ashton Kutcher…

Katie and I actually had the opportunity to meet Michael Bacall at the kickoff this year… and we mentioned this to him :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, though, Mr. Bacall seems to ‘get it’, and I hope this works out.

all in favor of taylor swift playing one of the girls say “i”


Potential problem: is 1717 really an “underdog”? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be cool if this movie became popular like October Sky or Stand and Deliver

This makes me want to squeal like the teenage girl I am.

In all seriousness, this could be incredible for FIRST! And it seems like director really gets FIRST too meaning it should be accurate. I love this…

Can you say camping out for a midnight release? I would love to see Bacall collaborate with Paul Lazarus on this, because who knows more about videos featuring robotics teams?

1717 an underdog team? :rolleyes:

In 2009/2010, when the book was being written, they were just starting to be noticed by the FRC community at large. The L.A. teams knew and [strike]feared[/strike] respected them already.

Now, of course, calling them an “underdog” results in laughter from all over the country…

I wouldn’t say American Chopper…more like Mythbusters meets Deadliest Catch. The latter, like FIRST, is seasons of only a few weeks, and follows multiple different boats (swap for multiple teams), and also does both Opies and King (so FRC and FTC). The Mythbusters mix is because there’s pretty much no other show on television where people are given a problem and have to solve it. I’d love to see a show like this on Discovery, especially if they followed two or three very different powerhouses (like 67, 1114 and 118 (hey man, NASA needs evangelists too)) and then two or three rookies and two or three midrange teams (Fondy Fire and some of the Canadians come to mind). It would be a great show, because there’s continuity between seasons, but not too much, there’s both emotions and humor, there’s the sciency stuff Mythbusters fans love and the competitive time constraints fans of competition shows will appreciate, and it’s got GIANT ROBOTS.