FIRST Robotics Night - Connecticut

Tomorrow, May 20, is FIRST Robotics Night at the RockCats baseball game in New Britain, CT! Join your fellow FIRSTers and enjoy a night at the ball park.

we just heard tonight’s game has been canceled due to rain. We’ll post more info when we get it.

LOL I was wondering about that since I was just going to show up (re: I didn’t buy a pre-sale fundraiser ticket) & decided to say the heck with it because of the weather.

Keep us posted Jack!

Well, they said its going to be a doubleheader today, but they’re playing on rain delay. And I don’t think anyone in their right mind would bring their robot in a thunderstorm! A lot of the Überbots didn’t go today.

How was it?

So who is coming tomorrow night to the FIRST Robotics Night? I understand that teams 125 will be joining team 155… Anyone else coming?

From what I hear, our robot will be “throwing” out the first pitch with our catapult

Gah! Another night I can’t make it.
Oh wells, I guess a meeting to get ready for the Wolcott competition this weekend is a bit more important.

To those who go; have fun! :slight_smile: