FIRST Robotics student shot

Gerrel West (second from the right) was shot in a drive by shooting in New Orleans on Saturday August 20. He was sitting on his porch talking to his grandmother when shots fired from a moving car struck him in the right shoulder and left wrist. The shoulder is infected and he is still in Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Gerrel is the arm operator for the “Botics Squad team 1550” and competed in the Peachtree Regional. Gerrel is good student and very hard worker and any get well cards and letters will definitely be appreciated. Send private email to the me and I will give you details to where you can send the cards.



Once again, a senseless act changes someone’s life for weeks/months/years to come.

I hope he gets well soon.

Oh wow, thats scary. Tell him that we all wish him well and hope to see him back in action as soon as he can. I hope it wasn’t his operating arm too.

Horrible thing to happen to anyone. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Please update us on his condition. Bless him and his family. This is a horrible thing to happen.

I wish him and his family well in this tragic event.

Thats really horrible. I and the rest of my team mates give our best wishes to Gerrel to get well soon and our thoughts are with he and his family.

That is absolutely aweful. I am so glad the story did not turn out with a worse ending. I hope he is able to make a quick and full recovery. Unfortunately these kinds of acts occur very frequently in parts southern California. Sometimes it happens because of what someone is wearing, or which direction their eyes are pointing, or sometimes for no reason at all (like in this case). It is sad what criminals will put other people through to get a few laughs or initiation (or whatever they get out of it, who knows).

I hope the shooter is caught and prosecuted to th fullest extent of the law. And when criminal law runs out, go for a civil suit for damages, pain, suffering, medical bills, and time lost.

Edit: I’m assuming you meant August 17th not September

When did this happen? Sat., Sept. 17 doesn’t happen till next month.

I thought I misread that title. Then I thought it was a typo. Then I thought you were saying he was “burned out” on FIRST…

That’s really shocking. Relay my best regards.

I too am confused as to when this happened… August 17 was a wensday, so that doesn’t make sense.

Actually, it happens next month, if Windows is telling the truth.

Not that it really matters, but I don’t think that the “how Ironic” comment was appropriate here. There isn’t anything funny about this in the least, and I don’t know what purpose it serves.

All the same, I wish him my best. Here’s hoping that he’s able to recover fully.

I visited Gerrel at the hospital yesterday Wed August 24. The shot that hit his wrist shattered all the bones below the wrist joint. The shot that hit his shoulder bruised his lung and he has a hard time breathing. He will be in surgery today Thur August 25 to try to repair some of the damage. He was doing surprisingly well for some one that has been through what he has been through. I will keep you posted.

All my thoughts and prayers will go out to Gerrel, and his family, and hope that his surgery goes well, and he has a quick recovery.

Craig, was the shooter caught by the police? What’s the story on that?

At this time there is no information about the shooters. It appears to be random because the people in the car continued to shoot at other individuals down the block from where Gerrel was hit. I am not sure how many people where in the car. I don’t have that information yet. I am guessing that there was more then one. I do know that Gerrel’s brother damaged his car trying to get him to the hospital.

Thats horrible news to hear. i hope he will be all better soon. ill definetly keep hiim in my thoughts and prayers.

oh my gosh, that is terrible.
I hope his surgery went well yesterday, I can’t imagine going through all that.
He’ll be in my prayers.

I still don’t know why people would do something like this that will effect the lives of others. :frowning: From one operator to another, Gerrel, I’m thinking about you man. Get better soon!

On behalf of Team 422 I would like to wish him a speedy recovery. If you get any new news on his condition could you please post it as soon as possible.

i will be praying for him and his family.