FIRST Robotics TV Program - Beyond Sports 9/27

Teams, Exciting News.

On Saturday, September 27th at 1:00pm, we are happy to announce the first in what is hopefully a series of new FIRST robotics TV programs.

StateChamps! - Beyond Sports Robotics Special.

Set your DVR! This program will air in South East Michigan on ABC Channel 7 - WXYZ, and Comcast 900.
If you don’t live here, don’t worry, we will have it uploaded to YouTube shortly after the show airs.

This show is made from season footage from the 2014 Michigan FIRST Robotics Season.
This program is a pilot, and if successful, we are pursuing the possibility of doing an 8 show weekly series to cover the Michigan District Season for the 2015 FRC season.
This would be the first TV show of its kind, and we are excited about this possibility to move the promotion of our sport to the next level.


ABC show listing

We very interested in the feedback of the FRC community on this show.
After all, the CD community are the biggest FRC fans in the world, any you know best what you want to see.
Let us know what you think.

Looks fantastic! Hope this takes off, professional coverage makes a world of difference for FIRST publicity.

The animation in the video looks great, I am curious to see what kind of format the show will be though (like a Sports Broadcast, Reality TV show, Documentary, etc.).

Can’t wait to see it either way. :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic! Which teams coordinated it?

This is a sports broadcast style show. This producer specializes in covering high school sports, and he really knows his stuff. He is hoping this format is a hit with the FRC community. We hope you like the show.

This is quite possibly one of the greatest things to be announced during this year’s offseason. Thank you for helping make this fantastic idea a reality, Jim. We’re all Looking Forward to seeing this amazing project come to fruition.

A series? Pinch me. And hey, maybe we’ll be on TV.

Are they at all looking to air it more widely (excepting YouTube)?

Itd be so cool if it spread to the rest of Michigan! Im interested to watch it on youtube. Very cool thing, im excited!

This has been in many minds dreams. I know I talked about “it would be cool if FIRST had its own show on TV” over dinner with family, friends, and yes even on a date lol. Thank you Jim for making this come out of everyones heads and into the real deal. Graphics look good and will be great for FIRST publicity.

Congrats Jim!

I have watched state champs before and they know their stuff. I wonder how the format will be. Especially if it’s during the 6 weeks. (some previews of the killer bees perhaps?:wink: )

Thanks again Jim! It’s a wonder how you have time to sleep! Killer bees, OCCRA, Chrysler, and now this!

This is so true… and if/when this works out the next step should be to make it live! errr, um… actually anyone could do that now. :wink:

Exciting!! Can’t wait to see the show.

I just watched it! It was awesome! It got side tracked a little on lawrence tech, but it was good none the less!

And then I saw the interview with me and it gave me a surprise! I didn’t expect to see me on tv!

For anyone who did not get to see the program, the video is now posted to YouTube at:

This initial spot was a, “What is the Sport of Robotics?” episode.
The producer has an affiliation with Lawrence Tech U, so the LTU tie in is natural.

The proposal for the series is to do an FRC focused premier show week zero, covering the new 2015 game rules, strategy, and highlight some teams and their machines prior to the start of competition, then weekly “sports desk” coverage of highlights of district events played each week, and finally a State Championship special. I think this will be great.

Feedback on the pilot show is welcome from anyone in the FRC.


Cool to see our robot in action. They mistyped Team 0862 (Lightning Robotics) as 8620.

During one of the student interviews, the student said that he knows what he wants to do now, and is going to Kettering.

So much for the LTU sponsorship. :slight_smile:

In full disclosure, I’m a Wayne State Grad… Nice to see LTU doing a better job recruiting these kids.

Interesting how this robotics stuff evolves and competing, Vex and FTC, Lego League and Robofest.