FIRST Robotics Video Competition

If you’ve been reading “The Tetra Of Evil” forum you’re familiar with the idea that I brought up for a Video Competition or Contest. I’ve actually had this idea for sometime now but never thought anything of it. There are always people at competitions with cameras and theres alot of video talent out there. As for now I’m just curious for input on the subject.

I think it would make a good replacement for the misued animation competition. They could put animation in the video instead or it can be an animated video, just longer.

I’d be interested. If you get enough interest probably it would be a good idea to get one of those mini forums (like the ones the URC, RCU, and indianaFIRST have) I’d agree there is a lot of talent out there. Some of the FIRST videos I’ve aquired over the past two years are simply incredible.

Out of curiousity who here is a serious videographer (ie own camera (S), gear, and editing computer)?

By serious I mean people who are considering doing video and or film work for a living or thoes who are interested in video.

I think that’s a great idea. The animation competition is amazing, I love seeing the work teams come up with. I know that on Team 1006 we always have problems recruiting students that want to animate, however we have half a dozen or so that want to do video work. I think that integrating the two (ie. adding video as its own category, or just integrating it somehow into the animation competition) is a wonderful idea.

If video were to be an award at the regionals the video would have to be shot and edited in that six week period, which might be tricky if we had a regional video. It might almost be best if the video was a post season thing.

If it was like that then wouldn’t it be like the chairmen’s award of old? Or if it was just a video then it could be like a 10/20/30 minute documentary of your season. That would show who the talented editors were. Accurately tell a 6 week story in 30 minutes. Tough. :eek:

Yes guy! I do like that idea. I guess something I should have brought up earlier was Discovery Channel and how they are covering the events this year. Depending on the funding for this project they may select a hand full of teams near some freelance camera people and follow thoes teams around as well as covering the regionals. Does anyone have any other info on the role of Discovery is playing in FIRST this year? If I manage to find any more information, I will post it.

as far as i am aware kyle, it was only Discovery Canada that was goingto do this, and cover the GTR and possibly the Waterloo regional!

I think if would be neat to have an animation competition that parallels the ani compeition, not replaces it.

I have a pretty decent digital video camera and Pinnacle Studio 9 plus. I’ve made (both shot and edited) a bunch of the videos on my teams website. I also made the DVD from our team that we send to potential sponsors, existing sponsors, and the school administrations. I wouldn’t say that I am a serious professional or an expert at videography, but I think I’m not that bad. If you’re interested, here are some links to two of the videos that I did for my team:

» 2005 Promotional Video - 7.8 Mb - Windows Media
» Team 228 UTC Regional Highlight Video - 5.2 Mb - Windows Media

As for an actual video production competition, I think that it would be a great idea. I wouldn’t merge it with the Autodesk Animation Competition. After all, they are a major FIRST sponsor, and their software does come with the KOP. But as a separate competition, it would be a great idea.

Yeah defanity a video competition would be good, plenty of work for our media team to do, we have a lot of videos that we use for our own use…ie sponsors, competition recap, recruitment…and a video competition would be nice because we have not used animation in the past years but we also hope to use it this year

Being interested in video myself, I think it’s a pretty cool idea. I made some promo videos in the past that were fun to make. It would just be another way to get people involved with FIRST and that can’t be a bad thing.

For thoes of you who haven’t seen it, here’s my video from GTR 2005
2005 GTR Video
It would be really cool if we got a corporate sponsor say like Canon, Sony, JVC, ect ect. To maybe donate a camera or other gear for the winning team. What we need is someone who actually has a say in how FIRST is run to give us some help. Also who would we get to judge the videos? I’d be interested in judging, and I’d have no problem with not submitting my own work.

as far as i am aware kyle, it was only Discovery Canada that was going to do this, and cover the GTR and possibly the Waterloo regional!

Thanks for that Eric. Anyone have any other information on Discovery and their coverage of FIRST this year?

Looks like it’s just Discovery Canada and they will be covering Waterloo and GTR, I will post again when I gather more information.

I’ve been editing for a while now. It’s more of a hobby to me than anything, but I would love to see a competition like this.

Most Recent Robotics Related Video (still not all that great, I had barely any footage /excuses)

haha at 2:24 into the video, the speed increases and on the left hand side is me. lol. Thats my GL-2 I’ve got with me in there.

me!!! I own a Sony VX2000 professional series minidv camera and ive built a serious machine runnin premier pro 1.5 (wish i could have final cut pro…but macs cost too much…lol). but anyway i think the video comp would be a great idea…i work on part of our animation and a good portion of the video we do every year anyway. however, i wouldnt do away with the animation comp - id add this as another one just for people to compete in bc there is also some very good animation talent out there and i think if they are combined, then outstanding videos might overpower the animations or visa versa.

any thoughts?

Promo videos are a great way to show what your team is about to audiences outside of FIRST, or new members. Tonight 1390 is having a party to get ready for the Robot Rodeo. I found 4 videos that have 10 of the robots that will be participating at the event from the UCF regional and will also be showing a few of my favorite promo videos that are good examples of what the competitions are about.

I searched CD and found where you can download four of my favorite team promo videos.

Cybe blue 2005

195’s 2005 Atlanta wrap up video

229’s 2004 video

And my all time favorite

Wildstang’s 2004 teaser video

A competition separate from the animation would be awesome, and it would be great to be able to pull from file footage and not just what you get within the 6 weeks. But remember… if this were an actual competition all the lovely music we use with our videos has to have the copyright with them.

I’ve tried my hand at making some promo videos as well. One of them you can click a link to in my signature, the other you can seehere

I will also be introducing the two versions of a new 1390 promo video tonight as well as one other video that I didn’t make by myself… Keep an eye out for them to be on CD soon enough.