FIRST Robotics Website

our team, 1072, is making our website, and I was wondering if you guys who’ve been around longer than us could post some examples as to what they look like, what’s on them, etc. thanks lots.

Ok, sorry for being a completely inept user =D

not only did i post it in the wrong forum, theres already an identical thread!

anyway, thanks =)

Hey albert remember me from 115 your teams mentors well anyways… do u want some webspace…tell me if u do ill hook u up.

if you’re running linux you can use ours here:

if you aren’t, e-mail me @ [email protected] and i’ll tell you how to install it on windows.

you’ll need to have a server with php and mySQL enabled.

it’s a really easy to manage, full featured site.

it’s exactly what we run at:


If you want some help either designing it or putting it up, email me at [email protected]. Anyway, for some sites I’ve helped with, check out.

Im building a robitcs/science website unforunatly the webhost I am using was usning a unix webhoster so I couldn’t use phpfirst. Fournatly Im progressing at a snails pace at building my website. Ive got a message board running and a news script running. Im so new to this I didn’t know what chmoding is and I tried to install a cgi script realizing later my webhost doesn’t even support it.:slight_smile:

Team Hammond i like to think that our site is typical of every teams site. we have the usual pages that teams have (history of the team, pictures page, etc.). make sure you have a good web site design program also. i know of a few teams that use dreamweaver, some that use flash studio mx, and a bunch of others that use various kinds. dreamweaver is good for starting out because it is pretty much straight forward, what you see is what you get. but i also hear that there are web design programs that are easier than that, keeps your eyes open. if you have any questions or need help on anything, feel free to pm me. :slight_smile:

it will work on unix also i think…if it doesn’t i can write a script that will…

just tell me if you’re still interested and i’ll construct a korn script (or whatever shell you happen to be using) to make it work.


later :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t do much in the way of PHP, and am not the greatest at graphics, but I have been told I can code like a madman when it comes to plain HTML, JavaScript, VBScript and ASP. I have made 2 websites and am a “volunteer” at another that are all based on a ASP format. Very easy to use, except the only difficult thing is getting a host.