FIRST Scrabble-off?

I love scrabble and I would enjoy expanding my vocabulary through FIRSTERS, so If anyone is interested, at the Pitt and Philly Competitiouns, I am bringing some scrabble supplies… Please post telling me if you would like to join the fun. Also post with suggestions of When/where this could be held.

Depending on how many people actually want to, this could be held tournament style… If nobody ends up liking the Idea, I’ll still have a couple of scrabble boards, So if you want to play a quick game… Come on over and ask me, because I’m alwayse up for it :slight_smile:

I love Scrabble, but I will only be at Championships and BMR. If you go to IRI, we can always scrabble it up there.

I love Boggle and Scrabble but will only be at UTC and Championships. Maybe we should get together in one of the online rooms one night for a FIRST scrabble match!

I am quite a fan of scrabble, but I don’t think I’m going to have very much down time at Philly.

What would be really awesome is a way for FIRSTers to play Scrabble (or some varient) online against each other. That’d be sweet.

'Tis a great idea, Cody! I will play! Except you beat me badly in English class the other day. Rematch time, my friend. I will have a couple boards on hand also then. We could use lunch break, if the games are short enough.

I love scrabble…although…hmmmm…you most likely play it alot, and have greatly expanded your vocabulary, but…count me in:cool:

and cody…we need to reshoot the “jesus” picture for your avatar


Lets do it, what time and where?

Hypothetical online scrabble rules:

Einstein (Board controller)

5 said players enter online chat at specified time. None of them have conflicts during this period, resulting in an uninterrupted game. It can be done with AIM. 1 chat room window has all 5 in it to discuss, and Einstein speaks individually with each of the 4. Einstein announces point values, and a webcam of the scrabble board is also available for players to view in making their decision. A webcam isn’t even necessary - perhaps a file of any sort where Einstein can draw letters and the lovely players can see a board shot.

So it goes til somebody wins.

A simpler alternative: Yahoo! Literati

During the summer of 2003, we had a group of 6 or 7 FIRSTers who played Literati a couple times a week. It was a good time for all. Plus, it’s easier than using a webcam and AIM. If anybody wants to start something up with this, I’m game.

I’ll be happy to join; although not much of a scrabble player, I’m a programmer, and crazy enough to build a web based scrabble application.

Bah - this’ll probaly never happen now AOE 3 is out :confused:

As much as I love words, Scrabble always frustrated me because it lacked action (now, Boggle, Boggle is fun). And then I started playing speed Scrabble, where each person is given just two minutes to play their word when it is their turn. Speed Scrabble is way more fun than regular Scrabble.