FIRST selling off all of their motors?

Today I got bored at school and decided to see what random things I could find on ebay. I came up with the following results:

Result 1
Result 2
Result 3
Result 4
Result 5

The seller is an electronics store located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Now is this a team selling off old robot parts, or is FIRST selling off all of their motors? I would think a team would keep their CIM motors since they don’t really change from year to year. Could this mean FIRST will be changing out all of the motors this year? Has anyone seen this seller sell robot parts before? What do you think? Whatever the case, this looks like a nice bargain for teams that need motors for cheap!

Yes, I did search before I posted, sorry if this is a re-post.

Yes, I’ve seen this seller before. I bought a CIM from this seller back in April. They also had a few other FIRST parts for sale then too. I got my CIM for 15 bucks! :slight_smile: I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I just had to get it!

Did you notice some of the other items being sold by this seller? Notice some of the items at the bottom of the page

Maybe Dean is also redecorating his house!

I did a few Ebay searches and it doesnt appear that they seller has alot of motors. So its practical that he owns a shop and somehow got them from a team. It doesnt appear to be FIRST selling off all there motors.

Yes I did notice the other items. FIRST has been known to outsource many services, like Kit of Parts services. MMH Ventures is one example of this, see this post for more details. MMH Ventures does things from books to first motors. So the items being sold here, vases to FIRST motors, is not a far fetched thing that FIRST would do.

I’m kinda partial to this itemmyself. :wink: