FIRST Senior Mentors


Congratulations, Thank-You and Good-Luck to the FIRST Senior Mentors for 2005. For more details, see the FIRST home page for the news - link.

There are lots of familiar names in this list!!

Paul Ashley (Southern CA)
Jenny Beatty (Baltimore/DC)
Devin Blizzard (Central CA)
Richard Bodor (Atlanta)
Dan Coget (Houston)
Stephen Cremer (Boston & South NE)
Kelsey Frazier (NH)
Jean Hoppert (Las Vegas)
Chris Jones (Chicago)
Paul Kloberg (NJ)
Rich Kressly (Philadelphia)
Bradley Lauer (Boston & South NE)
Dawn Lutz (Denver)
John Park (NYC)
Dee Tomczak (VA & NC)


Yes yes! Congratulations to all of you, especially the only two I seem to know: Jenny Beatty and Rich Kressly. You two definitely deserve this! Especially Miss Jenny. You’re a wonderful mentor and a great supporter of FIRST. You are a prime example of what FIRST is all about.
Congratulations to every single one of you. I’m sure all of you deserved this great honor and privilege. =D


Thanks to all who have wished us well. The Senior Mentors group is an incredibly dedicated and innovative crew that is already making a difference for FIRST. It’s still hard to believe my name is mentioned in the same sentence with the others.

The biggest thanks go to Michael Robbins and Lynn Casey at FIRST for writing, securing, and overseeing the grant for the project, conducting the interviews, coordinating with regional directors and FLL partners, providing training, distributing resource materials and information, moderating conference calls, and on and on …

With this group and this kind of support from Manchester, there’s no doubt good things will come from this :slight_smile:


The potential for positive growth results emanating from this group of senior mentors is enormous! I already had a meeting with a couple of them about Boston :wink:


Congratulations to all of you, especially John Park, who came all the way from NYC to Brazil to help us with our off-season event in April! ( check and for more information )

Hope to see you next year in our FIRST Brazilian Regional! (not confirmed yet, but I’m crossing my fingers :slight_smile: )


The fantastic nature of the senior mentors was evidenced at the Capital Clash last month, which was run by 5 of the senior mentors on that list. This is an awesome group of people, and a wonderful program! Congrats and major kudos to each and every one of you!


Congrats to all the senior mentors.

There were a thread earlier started by newbie who asked, who he should meet in FIRST. Here is the list of hardworking mentors you should meet and see how dedicated they are. You will gain a lot of knowledge from them. :slight_smile:


Congrats to all these great mentors and many others I know that aren’t mentioned. You all are really great people and change many of our lives. Thanks again for being there for all of us.