FIRST Seniors' Colleges

Hi everyone!
Being a senior and all, I figured I’de make a thread for the seniors where you can post what colleges you are applying to/hoping to go to/accepted to/attending and what major

I’ll start…

I’ve recently been accepted to University of Hartford and the Hartt School of Music, and will be attending in the fall. The major I applied for is a BSE in Acoustical Engineering and Music (concentration is jazz saxophone). I had to be accepted into the engineering school and audition for the Hartt school. I successfully passed both and hope I’ll see other FIRST students their!

Ready, seniors? GO!!!

P.S. Once this list starts growing, I may make a viewable spreadsheet list for everyone to see

Capitol College in Maryland

New England College in Henniker, NH

Mechanical Engineering

International Relations with an Army ROTC program.

Good luck to all seniors graduating and moving on to college!

As I, a former FIRST student and now a mentor for Team 1708, I felt FIRST really paved the way for my Mechanical Engineering degree and helped immensly with team building skills and communication along with the design and building aspects.

Congrats! I have a high respect for anyone who chooses to pursue science or engineering along with music, because I am in the same boat.

I will be attending Northwestern University next year as a physics major, and hopefully can double major in music composition.

Kettering University for Mechanical

University of Louisiana @ Lafayette in Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Engineering. (Computer Science with some Electrical Engineering Courses tagged on!)

I will (most likely) be attending the Missouri University of Science and Tech to pursue a degree in Psych- sorry guys, not an engineer over here! :yikes:

I applied to the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and Arizona State University.

Come to Georgia Tech!!! We’re a top 10 school in all engineering majors and we’re a cheaper alternative to most other top engineering schools! :wink: Plus I love it here!

I’ve been (conditionally) accepted into the University of Calgary for engineering. First year is a common engineering program, before breaking off into different specializations in second year. I’m debating between electrical and mechanical.

Eastern Michigan University for mechanical engineering and law. Patent law here I come! :slight_smile:

Ooooh that’s an interesting one! Very cool! :slight_smile:

If you get into/decide to attend Cornell, be sure to come mentor the local team (us)!

As for me, I’ve been accepted to and will be attending Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore MD for who knows what. It will be an adventure! I asked around the Facebook group for fellow FIRSTers attending but the only other person going there who was in FIRST asked me “What’s Chief Delphi?”

Interesting that nobody seems to be going for industrial/manufacturing engineering… there’s loads of money to be made in that field out in 2nd- and 3rd-world countries where nobody knows how to make an efficient factory.

Sure! If I end up getting accepted I’ll most likely join their autonomous underwater robotics team. They are all about outreach too so this could be my giving back. If I get in :rolleyes:

The CUAUV (Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) team is great; they are pretty much the direct extension of the FIRST ideals on the Cornell campus. We are actually trying to set up a more direct partnership with them - a couple former FIRSTers on the team right now were going to give a vision workshop to Code Red this year but it never ended up getting off the ground.

This list is sorely lacking computer engineering! I’ve been accepted to University of Maryland, UMBC, and Drexel. I don’t know where I’m going yet.

Anyone going to a school with FormulaSAE? I’m planning on doing that at Hartford next year.