FIRST Server Issues

And here we go! immediate website crash

I’m getting a run-time error on Anyone else having issues?

Site crashing for everyone else I assume?

and it begins…Anybody get in or we all getting Server Error?

Did we crash the dashboard? I’m getting a server runtime error.

EDIT: We’ve all heard of the reddit hug of death. Here’s to the FIRST hug of… inspiration.

And now runtime errors. Great.

To bring the website to it’s knees!

There was an unexpected error

Hasn’t crashed for years for me. Instant crash this year. became non-responsive for me right at noon EST. Still not back yet…

And it is done for the count!!!

here we go…sigh

It’s down for me, too.


And registration is open… and melting down.

TIMS is down! :frowning:

I’m getting a 503 error

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

anybody else getting this??
trying to register

I think the servers ran out of STEAM. :slight_smile:

(Sorry, couldn’t help it…)