FIRST Server Issues

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stomach growls


Neat idea. Only issue would be if you didn’t get into that week 5 event you wanted and your fallback was a week 2 event. It is probably filled at this point.
But going off of that maybe you could stagger it by team timezone. So just do each time zone at noon. That way it gives preference to the local teams to get into their events but avoids as much of a rush.

I finally got to the website, but I can not get to my dashboard… Has anyone registered yet?

Is this what they meant by Hype Overload?

you would think they would have load numbers from past registration days to size the system from.
Time to send in the"A" team.

Get us a bigger computer fool!

Sorry about your thread Mark. This isn’t how its supposed to work.

Is anyone even surprised? This happens every year.

Maybe instead of spending more money on more pointless background checks, FIRST could invest in some IT resources to cope with the traffic spike they can predict down to the minute.

Found the problem!

Agreed! We’re not talking Amazon or Facebook amounts of traffic here. This could have and should have been tested and ready to go.

The sad part is, I’ve seen this happen in the past. They should not have been surprised by this.

Got off the phone with FIRST. They are working on sending out messaging, and from the information I got from the representative, you can probably go back to your regular lives and they will reschedule the opening.

At this point, I don’t think FIRST would think its fair to give teams that have had people refreshing for 40 minutes priority event registration.

I do not feel that background checks to help protect the very people that FIRST is trying to inspire are pointless. If you are upset about FIRST paying for it, the process allows you to pay for your background check yourself.

Well played sir, well played…

Does it happen every year? Past 2 years I’ve done it haven’t had any issue at all. I do recall in the past there being similar issues, but I didn’t think recently there had been.

I got just as far.

You are right the past two years are fine. I am sure it is a problem that can be solved since they got it right the previous two years. I think it is just because this is a new system. I am sure they will improve it after this.

I can propose a simple solution.

Merge this thread with this one. Then pull the first ten or twelve posts into a new thread.

I’ve already paid for background checks for two school districts, including fingerprinting. I’m fine, thanks.

Not that it’s really germane to the thread, but the YPP has nothing to do with protecting anyone besides FIRST.

FRC Teams ‏@FRCTeams 39s39 seconds ago
We have postponed First Event Reg to next week. More details to follow. We apologize for this inconvenience. #omgrobots

Stagger it by time zone of your regional event. Then at least you’d spread them out over a couple hours.

I think it might be fair to use the same system as FIRST choice for team registration. Give teams a week to enter their first, second and third choice events and then randomize the team list and add people to events.

Do the same thing for each repeated event registration. No more server issues and it would probably fix some of the issues with teams not being available the moment things open for registration.