FIRST servers down?

I get “Server not found” error message when trying to access the official FIRST website ( or Is there planned maintenance or is this an outage?

i’ve been getting the same message, i wanted to see the team lists

Ditto. And this came up when doing it on both Firefox and IE. There’s a big storm in the Northeast today and flood warnings down here (and up to a foot of snow in NY and NE)

I am not getting that message. maybe it was just a short fix or something?

I’m getting the same message. Also I had problems with “www2.usfirst” (match list and such) all morning

Same here. I find it ironic that we (rochester) have NO snow, whereas it’s usually us with the foot+ of snow.

I think FIRST has gone bankrupt and the lawyers shut it down. :ahh: Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. :yikes:

(BTW: This is a joke!) :smiley:

Still not getting anything. I hate how we go the whole winter without much and then it has to come today!

Same here in NJ, alot of ice here, maybe an inch or two

The home page server ( is back up. But I cannot see match results from the regionals ( is still not responding).

servers are back up!

It’s up, but the info isn’t:
This information is currently not available.

Some events are not uploading currently, problem is being worked on.

Boilermaker stuff is updated and current.

The main was never down. But, however did go down, to a failed heat sink fan on top of a processor, in a server. Evidently processors don’t like heat, who’d have thunk it?

This morning (Ok, early afternoon EDT), the server would not respond - at least the 3 or 4 times I tried to access the FIRST home page. I got the “Server not found” error message. Maybe there was a lot of traffic, or it only briefly went off-line, but I couldn’t connect to it…