FIRST Sheets for Competitions


A little bit ago team 503 choose to take part in a project to make FIRST Lingo Sheets for teams to distribute at competitions to make people unfamiliar with FIRST’s festivities at ease throughout the competition. They idea came from another thread.

Let us know what you think. We focused on a very simple and easy explanation of the game, and then some key words on the back that people should be familiar of. Tell us if they’re any mistakes or grammar issues. Or any suggestions to what should be on these sheets.

Feel free to edit and use at will!

The Sheets can be found on the last post of this thread


(All terms come from

Your sheet says that this is the 25th year of First. You should probably change that to 20th.:slight_smile:

Otherwise, looks good.

haha, should prob fix that X)


Alright! 20 years of FIRST :slight_smile:

FIRST lingo sheet- real2.doc (2.97 MB)

FIRST lingo sheet- real2.doc (2.97 MB)