FIRST Shipping Forum

With all the recent threads and pics of destroyed crates, robots etc that have been appearing recently i thought it would be nice if we could consolidate them, so if the moderators like the idea, it would be nice to have the already existing threads continued here. I feel it would be beneficial if CD had one set thread in which teams that have come across these issues can update us all on their solutions, as well as create a shipping company “Black List” if need be. This consolidation of information should also allow teams to more easily take actions to avoid similar situations in the future and highlight faulty shipping companies so that FIRST can resolve mistakes on both party’s behalf’s and turn robotics into a better experience for us all.


I don’t think an entire forum is needed for shipping, maybe one central thread for the entire year/

Sorry for the misunderstanding, that is what i intended to create, a central thread, the whole “forum” part was just because i thought it made a cool title that expressed its purpose well.

Im pretty sure u mean Catagory right? in which each team is given a rep that can start topics but which everyone can show concer with (optional) by posting but not being able to make a new thread…

this catagory called “Shipping” or something??


Im a genius when it comes to Invision/InvisionFree boards… .even though im pretty shure this is a Bulletin board or something…

I was just thinking that a central thread would be nice so that if teams run into shipping issues such as busted crates they can quickly find out how other teams addressed the issue. However, if you think there is another form in which the issue can be addressed feel free to create it, i was just trying to remove confusion related to an upsetting issue and if you think you have an improvement, all the better.

Lol…naah im just thinking out loud lol.