First Shots!

Woot Just checking in

Its looking good.
What range are you firing at and How often are you making it in?
And are you putting any back spin on the ball?

Did that ball just just fly backwards at the end??? :ahh:

Cool. How are you thinking of aiming it?

look close you can see the guy throwing the ball from behind backboard right before :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to clarify a few things and answer questions. The first shot was taken from ground level about 14 feet out. The second shot was taken from about 48 inches high, 27 feet from the basket (half-court). It isn’t super consistent so far, but mostly because of variations in feeding the ball in and angle, etc…we hope.

We’re still working on our aiming mechanism. We tried to shoot upward into an “aiming hood” but found that we just lost too much energy. So, we’re going to have to mount the shooter on top of a turret.