FIRST should try and schedule the Blue Man Group

If any of you have seen videos of the Blue Man Group or have actually been to one of their actual shows you’d know they really know how to put energy into a crowd (if not, or It would be so awesome if FIRST could find a way to schedule them for the championship event! Maybe have them for the after party, or maybe have them show up on Einstein some time. Any thoughts?

THAT would be sweet!


I don’t think any performance of a popular artist will be a good idea. You’re never going to find an artist that pleases everyone.

(and if Blue Man Group was at Championship I would be among the unpleased.)

I bet they would please everyone if they got the Blue Man group to do a song using aluminum tubing, chain, Lexan, and various other parts and tools. :wink:

I think that would be sweet but i doubt they would play on einstien. lots of paint + nice carpet = BIG MESS. but at the after party that would be sweet! i mean the fire dancers were cool this year but BMG would be awesome next year!

That’s a moot point. It is impossible to ever make everyone happy, which is why as a society we usually settle upon what makes the majority of people happy. :slight_smile:

That being said, if FIRST was to host a popular artist/group every year with the intention of rotating which genre was represented each year, then I don’t see any reason why this would not be fair. If Blue Man Group was to be hosted one year, the only fair thing to do on FIRST’s behalf would be to host a different artist/group each year, based upon opinion polls of what FIRSTers like.

Didn’t FIRST have Mandy Moore back in 2002? I remember hearing rumors about that… Sometimes big names don’t work out.

And my pants are STILL stained from the last BMG concert I went to.

I would support this solely on the basis that it would force FIRST to finally admit Einstein matches and awards will run hours past when they want them to end.

However, aside from that, I feel like having any performance of a popular artist would not work during an event, nor during the wrap party, due to either lack of attention, lack of time, or abundance of other things to do. Very few artists hold concerts where they perform 1-5 songs, and if they do, its for a variety show like SNL where they get exposure. It might be more prudent for FIRST to somehow convince a popular artist going on tour to schedule a performance in Atlanta on that Friday night, and offer some form of discounted tickets to FIRST teams. It would be prohibitively expensive, I’m sure, to host an artist and convince them to come to Atlanta unless they know what FIRST is (hey, we can get Woz + Google to come using that), and few would get the opportunity to have such exposure. Enticing them by making it just a stop on their tour, but then convincing them to offer discounted tickets for teams would probably be a lot easier logistically.

Like Kelly said, FIRST had Mandy Moore in 2002. Here are two old threads discussing that: and

With that being said, If FIRST were able to get the Blue Man Group (without breaking the bank) they should absolutely go for it. There are few (if any) major bands that would be more appropriate.

Your def. right that BMG would bring life to the crowd. On the other hand, I know that many teams can not make the after party due to flight schedules. I would say bring them to the championship. :cool:

Blasphemy. You had better not mention this little fact around Joe Matt. lol :eek:

I’m actually kinda surprised he hasn’t posted in this yet. He’s a die hard fan of BMG.

I am? Oh yeah, that’s right. Sorry I had to see the real blasphemy, Spiderman 3 with Kyle Rice (noteable riff: “I want to kick a kitten now.”)

Anyway, Blue Man would be cool, but my main problem/question/complaint would be what show? There are 4 real Blue Man shows (small venue [NY, Boston, Chicago], medium venue [Amsterdam, Tokyo in 08, and Universal], large [Vegas & Berlin], and the How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.0), which one whould they show? Each one has their own goals, settings, and themes, with the stage shows having more of a technology vibe to them, but harder to transplant, while the rock tour is easier to move, but lacks some of the charm of the stage show.


Get all the techno stuff there. Rods & Cones, Utne Wire Man, Modern Plumbing, History of Animation. Add all the great music. Klein Manderbrot w/ Dave Lavery :stuck_out_tongue: . Time To Start. Etc. They need the full time alotted to them, and they should only go when FIRST FINALLY GETS THE TIMES RIGHT. I don’t want to walk in late to BMG (trust me, if you’ve seen the show it’s not a good idea :wink: ).

Here’s some videos…

Your Attetion
“The Feeling” (Stop Your Feet Clap Your Hands)](
Rods & Cones

/me gets off soap box

I’d rather the event finish on time personally.

Everything I was assuming that it would be at the wrap-party, not on Einstein. :wink:

Either way. If they schedule them for the wrap party, and the even runs over, you miss part of the show. Or if they have them play at the end, half the teams are already back at their hotels (most teams have curfews after all, and many students aren’t huge fans of the after party). Any way it’s spun, it seems like a whole lot of money and preparation for minimal results.

I think they could just do a simple Time to Start or Drumbone on Einstein maybe, then do some of the bigger stuff (the paint barrels, or Piano Smasher, or something along those lines) at the wrap party.

Ooh this excites me just thinking about it :smiley:

/saw BMG in Chicago (if that was “small venue,” I would pay anything to see a “large venue” show), have both of their CDs and The Complex DVD
//about as diehard as it gets

While we were in Vegas for a competition, 4 of our students went with parents to see BMG. The tickets were pretty expensive but they had a blast. On a different note, I wasn’t a fan of the wrap party this year, perhaps because the music was pretty loud, it was terribly dark, nowhere to sit, and most of the stuff was kid-oriented – though the gladiator ring and obstacle course race looked like fun. It was my first ever wrap party, and I guess the rain had something to do with it.

To really make this happen, we have to figure out when and how. We’ll leave the how to FIRST up-and-ups unless there’s a good idea, but I think we all know enough about the championship to determine when. I didn’t like how rushed the awards in Einstein seemed this year, nor did I like a long lull in the action on Einstein. Adding BMG in the middle of this wouldn’t be a good idea because it’s the awards and speakers that are important to hear and take the longest time.

My vote is to somehow have them (since they’re technologically-oriented) integrated into the overall event, like a performance stage in the pits for part of the time, probably best during afternoon on practice day. It’s not like we could EVER hear the announcements in the pits anyways. Then they could do a Friday night big show at some venue in Atlanta, whichever show they do, and could either make an offer for team-discount tickets or leave the show open to the public. Then Saturday, they could do something at the wrap party.

Honestly, you could somehow do this with any musical group. As FIRST expands into more schools, it’d be fairly decent exposure to a specific group of the population.

Definitly agree with you JesseK. I personally haven’t been to a BMG show but from what i’ve herd some of the things at bigger shows are pretty intense. My friend Dan told me that he had thousand of rolls of tissue paper stuff that fell from the roof and then you can like dig you way back into the light.

Now with the After party everyone whould be eating and constantly moving so this would seem difficult. But the smaller shows with just songs and some cool visuals would be cool. But i dont know how you expect these guys to get paid unless you want the social tickets to be even more.

Lastly i was really suprised how everyone was saying many teams dont like going to the after party. Throughout the whole compition your working and your with your team but at the after party you get to talk to other teams from all over. I mean we had a member from 1114 come up to our town and stayed here for nearly a week. Isnt that kinda the purpose of FIRST too. I mean ya we learn so many invaluable skills but you also get to meet amazing people form all over. So just as a note to anyone who hasnt experienced this next time at compitions go to other teams pits and talk to them, make friends, invite them around with your team or whatever. Trust me it makes your trips a lot less stressful and more fun.

Not exactly


The paper comes from the back of the theater and is like a sea that travels down to the front of the stage. Strobes, black lights, live wire, all go off. It’s nuts.

Here’s a video…

Since we’re talking entertainment here for the Championship event…

I wish the FIRST Championship was the same weekend as the NASCAR Atlanta race :smiley: Now how awesome would that be for the FIRST/NASCAR fans?? A weekend of robotics followed by a race on the Sunday =]

Hey, I can dream can’t I?! :rolleyes: