FIRST site down - help

I cant get on the FIRST site

Anyone else having this problem?

Can anyone tell me the final rank of theam 303, Einstien division???

Eeek! Its a www2 site now?? When did that change:eek:

FIRST still has the, but is a mirror site that they use for hosting some parts of the site(manual, event results, etc.) Gotta go catch my plane now, talk to everyone later…

I didn’t know about the www2 site…
They both work for me right now.


Stupid retarded AOHell DSL line that is only getting 3.1KB/sec...
Can't wait to get back to my own cable modem.

it works now, thanks, i must have been down for only 1/2 hour or so

its still down for me… :frowning: is down for me.

www2 is giving me a “This is the index.html file” message.