FIRST sme cards

I thought that at this time last year we had already ended the voting on the SME cards, does anyone else remember that? I could have sworn that the voting ended at the end of December… then again maybe we aren’t voting this year.

Well considering that there hasn’t been an update on the FIRST-SME website since last season, I would say there will be no voting this year. I am wondering if they are even going to produce them this year since they weren’t really used for anything last year.

You are correct, the website hasn’t been updated and voting last year DID end in december…my guess is…SME won’t be issuing cards this year.

That’s a pretty good bet. Considering how useless the cards were, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go.

I really like the sme cards, they look great hanging from my rear-veiw mirror. That’s where I hang my safety glasses so I don’t lose them or forget them somewhere.

Awe I liked the sme cards.


Really? OMg, I hang mine from there too. WITH my safety glasses, my friends all thought that was weird. Oh well, I just tell them that they’re for my driving!!! heh heh. But it’s all good. I was looking forward to using them, in fact, I use the first card thing from last year and just put my student ID on it. I like it better than our grade’s red ones. Oh well. I hope that they still use them, but then again. there was a rumor somewhere about first and Sme in a fight?

Even though this is my first year on a team, I have 2 SME cards from the past 2 years. I was really looking foward to adding another to my collection, but from all things I’ve gathered… they aren’t doing them this year.

There is another thread about it here: