FIRST So Cal Team Forum

FIRST Team Forum will be held for the first time in SoCal - Host Facility Needed

The SoCal Team Forum will be held on Tuesday evening, June 3, 5-8 PM.

We need to find a central meeting location that is logistically accessible
to all teams and has free and ample parking. Perhaps one of the teams could
suggest a location or host it. The requirements are a meeting
room/auditorium for up to 100 people. We also need to get no more than 2
ADULT (no student) team reps there from all of the teams.

This could be a high school auditorium, city auditorium, college auditorium,

FIRST representatives will be there to hear OUR review of the past year and
the competition, get
OUR suggestions, give us updates and announcements about future activities,
events, policies, etc.

FIRST really listens to the teams and follows through on addressing the
issues and suggestions that are raised. It will give new teams a look at the
big picture of FIRST and help them learn about resources, opportunities, and
choosing the best direction for their teams.

We need to get a location ASAP. Please email me directly only if you have
verified availability of a location (for instance both of our schools have
events in the auditorium that night).

Thank You,

Mark Miller, President
Southern California Regional Robotics Forum

[email protected]
(310) 581-7490 work
(310) 963-9334 cell
(877) 681-8998 pager
(310) 944-9334 home

Parent, Mentor, Engineer for Team 294
Beach Cities Robotics
Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach California

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