FIRST South Carolina® Robotics (SCRAP) 3 - July 14-15, 2023, Sumter, SC

On Saturday, July 15, 2023 (pits open on Friday, July 14 at 6 p.m.), FIRST South Carolina® Robotics Competition “SCRAP” will have its third annual off-season competition in South Carolina. The Sumter County Civic Center in Sumter, South Carolina, will host the event.

Team Registration:

Volunteer Registration:

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Are teams from outside of the state allowed to participate?

100%, we are always open!! We already have a team from North Carolina and Georgia going this year.

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Awesome! We are from Michigan so it might be quite the drive :slight_smile:

How many teams are currently registered? Do you have the team list?

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2815 Blue Devil Mechanics
1102 M’Aiken Magic
4451 Robotz Garage
4935 TRex NC
1051 Technical Terminators
3489 Category 5
1293 Pandamaniacs
6340 Marist Manatees GA
342 The Burning Magnetos
9315 Coding Comets
9999 (1553) KC Robotics
3506 YETI NC
343 Metal-In-Motion
4533 Phoenix
9997 (4533) Phoenix B
9998(3506 rookie) YETI Rookie NC

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