FIRST South Carolina® Robotics (SCRAP) - August 7-8, 2021, Columbia SC

The first ever off-season event for FIRST South Carolina® Robotics Competition in South Carolina is slated for Saturday, August 7th and Sunday, August 8th, 2021(District Style Event and 2021 game rules). This event will host 36 teams from around the Southeast. The event venue is the Jamil Shrine Center, Columbia, SC.
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Is this a different event than SCRIW?

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It is, and this will be a full event :smiley: Cant wait to play with everyone again in person!

I’ll have to see what the team thinks, it might be too soon for us since we don’t really have meetings during the summer much. Best of luck.

To confirm the distinction:

SCRAP is operated by FIRST South Carolina, and is a new event.

SCRIW is still operated by the same Pandamaniacs and Blue Devil Mechanics that you’ve known and loved for a decade. It’ll happen on October 23 at Dreher High School, and we are announcing details as soon as we dot a few Is and cross a few Ts with the new requirements from FIRST HQ.

Both events have been helping each other behind the scenes, and both 1293 and 2815 welcome another opportunity to play close to home. In the Pandamaniacs’ case, very close to home.


SCRAP Event and Training Sessions .pdf (220.0 KB)

Quals assumptions: 36 teams 12 matches per team
August 6
9:00 am to 4:00 pm Load-in and Field Setup
August 7
08:30 am Pits open/ Breakfast
09:00 am Inspections opens
10:00 am Practice matches (2 matches per team, 10-minute cycle)
12:00 pm Lunch break
01:00 pm Quals begin
07:00 pm Quals end/Dinner
08:00 pm Pits close
August 8
08:30 am Pits open/Mentor & Alumni Breakfast
09:00 am Keynote
09:30 am Quals resume
12:00 pm Alliance selection
12:30 pm Lunch break
01:30 pm Playoffs begin
04:00 pm Awards
04:15 pm Teardown
Training Sessions (more to come)
Area Class
Soft skills Chairman’s & EI and the presentation process

  • How to effectively communicate your story to judges
  • What are you doing for FIRST? (With focus on last 3 years)
  • Tying the story together from essay to presentation
    Team Org How to effectivity recruit & retain new students & mentors. Topic should include diversity / inclusion.
    How to build a sustainable team through fund raising and marketing
    Outreach and community involvement strategies
    Safety OSHA Training
    Technical Vision tracking with a Lime Light. How to integrate vision tracking into scoring.
    Scouting and Analytics. Includes data collection, analysis, and pick list generation.
    Mechanical design topic. Strategic design to prototyping to CAD to design iteration
    Robot Inspection Process. Focus on key issues - especially wiring and BUMPERS!
    Chassis Selection, Design, and Implementation

Thanks, Billfred (1293) and David (4451) for helping me out

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Is there an available team list so far?

There’s a list on TBA, but it doesn’t appear to include second robots: South Carolina Robotics & Practical Off-Season (2021) - The Blue Alliance

That’s correct Billfred and Casey

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342 is bringing a second robot (9342).

Second 342 entries are always a good time. Hopefully we’ll start seeing the 9xxx entries on that team list (or an auxiliary list) soon.

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