FIRST STEAMWORKS Scoring Android App

Hello Chief,

My team, 4468 Fernbank LINKS, has created an Android app for the use of calculating theoretical and practice game matches. A user can input what a robot or alliance completed in the autonomous and tele-op periods and receive detailed score information on what your score would be in qualification rounds and in playoffs, how many extra ranking points you earned, and how many rotors and kPa you have at the end of the match. There is a clock built in that counts down for auto and tele-op period so that you can best simulate a real match.

On the stats page, you can see your top score, average qualification, playoff, auto, and teleop score, as well as average kPa and rotors activated.

When you calculate a score, you have the option to save the score for it to influence your stats, or not if you are just calculating the value of a possible strategy.

I hope this will be of use to you all as drive practice begins.

Don’t forget to be awesome,
Fernbank LINKS Robotics, FRC 4468

Geat job my FIRST friends. I recommend you to add a layer with plus and minus buttons to add points and max of for example “Robots ready for takeoff”. That’s small suggestions from me.

Keep up good work :smiley:

We will certainly add some UI changes to make it more user friendly in the future. Thanks for the feedback

Great job on this guys! Really enjoy the simplicity and being able to get our scores quickly. This will be really useful for when we start driver practices. Can’t wait to compete with you guys this year!

-Jonathan from 832 Oscar